ACSA revels in successful year at World Chinese Evergreen Football Tournament

ACSA at World Chinese Evergreen Tournament

ACSA revels in successful year at World Chinese Evergreen Football Tournament

While 2019 marks the organisation’s 25th anniversary, the Australian Chinese Soccer Association (ACSA) is also celebrating their best result at the World Chinese Evergreen Football Tournament, with three of their four teams having returned to Sydney with a podium finish.

After four high intensity days in New Zealand, the ACSA Over 50s team were crowned champions in their division, the Over 45s and Over 65s teams both finished as first runners-up in their respective competitions, and the Over 60s team finished fifth.

ACSA Chairman Stephen Lee said he is extremely proud of the results produced by all the teams as they worked hard throughout the year to train for the event.

“This year we started preparations a bit earlier, we had more players to choose from, and our players had a higher ability on the field,” he explained.

But, this year we were also very lucky because all the teams had a better draw, so we got into the top positions and got into the finals.

The World Chinese Evergreen Football Tournament is an annual competition, and sees Chinese football players from around the world come together to participate.

This year, 24 teams from Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Spain, Singapore and Malaysia competed for their respective titles in Auckland from September 7-12, while also using the opportunity to catch up with friends, both old and new.

“A lot of people say that football is a very good medium to connect people from around the world,” Stephen said.

Some of the older players once may have played together many years ago, so this is an opportunity for everyone to meet up every year to renew or continue these friendships.

“It’s also a great opportunity for everyone to go overseas to play football and also do a little bit of sightseeing as tourists.”

Since 1999, ACSA has been taking their players overseas to play in international competitions, with the association having visited countries including Canada, America, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, and more.

Stephen also said the organisation welcomes any new players who may be interested in joining and playing.

“Next year will be our 26th year, so we are very stable and players have the opportunity to be an Australian representative team competing in international tournaments,” he said.

Not many players can say they have gone overseas and played for Australia, and then come back to say that they won a trophy!

Next year’s World Chinese Evergreen Football Tournament will be held in Penang, Malaysia, and the ACSA is looking forward to another successful year on the field.

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