Australia’s Timomatic releases another catchy tune

Australia’s Timomatic releases another catchy tune

Thinking Bout You, an addictive new song by Tim “Timomatic” Omaji, is a sure fire hit, and the accompanying film clip is putting smiles on faces across the country.

The four-minute music video is a fun take on the song’s story about the narrator’s past flame, and throughout the clip, Timomatic showcases his impressive acting, singing and dancing talent.

“I am obsessed with transforming and changing characters, so we thought with a song like this, there’s definitely a comedic element to it,” he explained.

We played on that narrative to create these five very distinct character types and we uncovered that as you view the clip, there’s an underlying tone of acceptance.

“It’s basically saying that you don’t have to have it all to do well and to push forward, and it was so much fun trying to show that through the characters.”

Watch the fun music video below.

Of the five characters featured in the clip, one in particular explores Timomatic’s Nigerian background. Completely immersed in the role, Timomatic is almost unrecognisable as Dembe, the fun-loving diplomat appearing from the get-go.

Wearing traditional Nigerian attire while dancing with moves distinctive to the region, Dembe is essentially a representation of Timomatic’s strong links to his culture.

“It’s my background and I’m very close to my family and I’m tight with the vibrancy of the culture,” Timomatic explained.

It’s interesting because I never grew up learning the language like my father or my mother, but there’s always going to be a strong connection there, and even the majority of my closest friends are Nigerian.

“When I was younger, my dad was definitely the instigator of music in my life; we played guitar, we danced and we sang together, so he’d always create that fun, creative atmosphere.”

Since deciding to pursue a career in the arts at the age of around 15, Timomatic has seen great success in Australia. Initially rising to fame during his stint on the 2009 season of So You Think You Can Dance? Australia, and later competing in Australia’s Got Talent in 2011, Timomatic has not looked back.

“These shows are platforms where you can get seen, and when you’re a young and up-and-coming artist, no one really knows where to start, so it is about making noise, and seeing who comes out of the woodwork and it was so much fun,” Timomatic said.

Since then, he has released a steady stream of popular tunes, such as Set It Off, which became four-time certified platinum by the Australian Recording Industry Association.

Today, he continues his artistic journey as a judge on Channel Seven’s new competition Dance Boss, while also preparing for his role as activist Sam Onatou in the upcoming Madiba the Musical, which kicks off in Melbourne early October 2018.

It’s such an amazing story to tell of a man so impactful and so important to all of us, so when I heard about the auditions and read about how well it went in France, I was excited.

“This is the first time the musical is being done in English, and I love being a part of history,” Timomatic said.

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