Annual Islamic Eid Show continues to promote harmony

Annual Islamic Eid Show continues to promote harmony

The Annual Islamic Eid Show has been running for over eight years as a not-for-profit organisation and has become a bi-annual multi-day event in Sydney and Melbourne, becoming a significant part of the Australian Islamic calendar each year.

The festival has recently seen more than 100,000 people attend over the course of the events in both major Australian cities and has become a focal point for everyone to come together and celebrate the major religious event.

Chairperson of the Annual Islamic Eid Show Radwan Dadoun said the event promotes harmony each year because it is an integral part of the Islamic faith.

“I wanted to keep up the community spirit, and encourage the multiculturalism and multi-faiths of Australia,” he said. 

Mr Dadoun also said he hopes the event will continue to bring greater understanding between the wider Australian community and the muslim communities across the country.

Everyone is welcome to come to this event and witness who we really are as a community; we’re inviting, we’re welcoming and we’re a happy community.”

The Sydney event will be held from 15-17 June, while the Melbourne event will take place on 23-24 June this year.

Anisha Mistry

As the Editor of CulturalPulse, Anisha is passionate about listening to, writing and sharing stories of Australia's multicultural achievement. Got a story to tell? Get in touch: [email protected]