Another album on the way for Australian disco queen, Kylie Auldist

Another album on the way for Australian disco queen, Kylie Auldist

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With nothing to listen to but the radio and her parents’ extensive record collection while growing up in outback New South Wales, Kylie Auldist found her voice, and she just couldn’t stop singing.

Kylie sang wherever and whenever she could – whether that was at her friend’s party down the road, or alongside her guitarist father at the gigs he booked at the local pubs.

I was always singing, so much so that sometimes people would just tell me to shut up.

“My father played the guitar, so I learnt a little bit from him, but I was honestly just so lazy and hopeless… and it hurt my fingers,” she laughed.

“But, people did ask me to perform for them, and at one point I was at a party where they asked me to sing and my grandmother asked me if I did, and when told her yes, she responded with ‘good, because it’s a gift and you should share it’.”

Since then, Kylie has never stopped sharing her love of music with the world, having been part of many Melbourne-based bands since her move to the big city.

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Until 2016, Kylie was lead vocalist in the funk and soul band The Bamboos, where she was lucky enough to join them on their international tours.

That same year, ‘This Girl’, a 2009 Cookin’ on 3 Burners track she was guest vocalist on was remixed by young French DJ Kungs and became an international funk-dance favourite, which saw her voice played on millions of speakers around the world.

“Ever since I was a kid, I had always loved that funky dance rhythm, and I guess it’s kind of a black sound, realistically,” she explained.

“Because I grew up in a predominantly white community, I never really had much access to that type of music, so when I found it, it was a mind-blowing experience for me.”

Following the success of her last album ‘Family Tree’, which was awarded Best Soul, Funk, R&B or Gospel Album at The Age Music Victoria Awards in 2016, Kylie is now working on her next project, a 12-song album with an “early Madonna and Prince, eighties boogie” vibe.

“I just went to Rarotonga for a holiday and I had a beautiful time and I wrote songs on the island and I just felt so connected to the island,” she explained.

Even though I am not Rarotongan, all islanders have that same vibe and we’re all very loving and relaxed and musical, and I just felt like it was really good timing for me to go back to the islands and reconnect with myself.

“So, now I feel fresh and vibed up, ready to bring some really true and honest music out.”

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