Another huge year for the Lavazza Italian Film Festival

Italian Film Festival

Another huge year for the Lavazza Italian Film Festival

The Australia-wide Lavazza Italian Film Festival is set to kick off for the eighteenth time in Sydney on September 11, 2018, with an exciting line-up of features, events and shorts, making it the largest celebration of Italian cinema outside of Italy.

Organised entirely by Palace, the festival has brought the best of Italy to Australian shores since 2000, making it a celebration of the language, culture and “la dolce vita”. Last year, the festival saw crowds of up 800,000 people nationally, and the organisers are sure this year will be even bigger.

Italian Film Festival

Festival director Elysia Zeccola said by showcasing films from other countries, viewers are more likely to open their minds to other cultures and experience the world from other perspectives.

“Italy has a long rich history of filmmaking and so many directors today are influenced by Italian filmmakers of the past,” she said.

“Italian films are less focused on special effects and things blowing up, but there’s more passion and drama and layered storylines.”

Italian Film Festival

Elysia also said for Italian-Australians nostalgic about their roots, the event means they can come together with other expatriates and be transported back to their homeland for a few hours.

“The festival is a celebration of Italian language and culture so there are many events that share the Italian spirit of hospitality, many Italian-Australians round up their friends for a night out at the festival, there’s a strong community spirit,” she explained.

“This is the most exciting year yet, there’s a lot going on from opening night galas and receptions featuring Italy’s most highly anticipated film LORO, plus special events, international guests, and the Australian premieres of over 30 excellent films including drams, comedies, thrillers and documentaries.”

Italian Film Festival

LORO explores the life of a group of businessmen and politicians who live and act near to media tycoon and former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi in the years between 2006 and 2009. The movie was extremely successful in Italy where it won four Nastro d’Argento awards, and was also featured as part of the Toronto International Film Festival 2018.

This year will also showcase other popular movies, including Happy as Lazzaro, Nonnas on the Run, Dogman, Suspiria (1977), and Love and Bullets. Click HERE to view the full program.

Festival dates:
Sydney: September 11 – October 7
Canberra: September 12 – October 7
Melbourne: September 13 – October 7
Adelaide: September 19 – October 14
Brisbane: September 19 – October 14
Perth: September 27 – October 17
Hobart: September 18 – October 24

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