Aotearoa Maori Film Festival hopes to soon partner with Indigenous Film Festival

Aotearoa Maori Film Festival hopes to soon partner with Indigenous Film Festival

In the hopes of providing more opportunities for indigenous stories to be told in Australia, the Aotearoa Maori Film Festival hopes to partner with the two-year-old Indigenous Film Festival.

Brent Reihana, event organiser, said the innovative event would add to the richness of storytelling in the film industry.

“What I see is moving the festival around, growing it, and having stories told that are from Australia that Maori can tell,” Mr Reihana said.

The event began in 2008 in the hopes of bringing forward Maori stories that weren’t previously shared in New Zealand or Australia.

“The more stories that can be shown and can be thrown out to the people, we can learn from them and that’s really valuable to me,” Mr Reihana said.

With the work of the film festival’s organising team, the Maori film Broken recently made its Australian debut in Event Cinemas, a huge turning point for the Maori film industry, Mr Reihana said.

“This story, it’s resonating and people are moved by it, and it’s getting people talking about issues like violence and asking when it’s going to stop.

“With a wider audience, it’s really bringing about greater social cohesion,” he said.

The event will continue to showcase Maori stories to the wider community this year, with further details of the Aotearoa Maori Film Festival 2018 event to be released soon.

Anisha Mistry

As the Editor of CulturalPulse, Anisha is passionate about listening to, writing and sharing stories of Australia's multicultural achievement. Got a story to tell? Get in touch: [email protected]