Diverse cast showcases fresh Aussie perspective

Diverse cast showcases fresh Aussie perspective

Photo Credit: Alex Wisser Photographer

PYT Fairfield’s latest theatrical work Playlist explores the state of feminism in today’s day and age through the power of pop culture and music. Featuring a cast of five young Australian women of diverse cultural backgrounds from Western Sydney, Playlist showcases a unique and powerful perspective on modern Australia.

Australian-Hungarian Artistic Director of PYT Fairfield Karen Therese said she was inspired to create Playlist after working on a Vivid Festival 2016 piece called Pop Culture, Migration & Revolution.

It was just a number of really amazing women of colour talking about music and performing music and slam poetry, so I decided I wanted to make a work with a cast of women only and just talk about the power of music and pop culture.

The cast is made up of Nigerian-Australian actor and dancer Ebube Uba, Tongan-Iragi hip hop dancer Neda Taha, Vietnamese-Australian slam poet May Tran, Croatian-Australian emerging pop star Mara Knezevic, and comedic actor Tasha O’Brien.

Photo Credit: Alex Wisser Photographer

Karen said she considers the cast as the most important voices in Australian culture.

“I feel that there’s going to be a really good response to this show, because the diversity of the cast offers a really amazing global perspective on not only feminism but on culture,” she said.

It’s completely fascinating to get that perspective and that’s why the show is so unique and so exciting.

Slam poet May Tran said she decided to apply for the casting call because it showcases the strengths of women both in Australia and around the world.

“It just seemed like a really compelling show and I really wanted to be apart of it because of the fact that it would be feminist and about music, which is something forms a significant part of my life,” she explained.

“Also, the fact that it is in Western Sydney, somewhere I am from and live, is something becoming more important to me the older I get.”

Photo Credit: Alex Wisser Photographer

Dancer from Sydney’s underground hip hop scene Neha Tada explained Playlist gives her an opportunity to showcase the underrepresented people in Australia.

You don’t see a lot of Polynesian or Middle Eastern people in the creative arts in Australia, so for me it was very important to just be very aware of that and bring that into light.

May also said her reasons were similar, using her experiences as a member of a minority group to shape her poetry.

“I often say that I can’t divorce myself from my culture in the same way I can’t divorce myself from my gender or sexuality, so a lot of my poetry has to do with things I face as a young Asian woman in Australia,” she said.

The multi art-form work is choreographed by acclaimed dancer and choreographer Larissa McGowan, with set design by award-winning visual artist Zanny Begg and sound by Gail Priest and Berlin-based sound architect Jasmine Guffond.

Playlist runs from August 2-11, 2018 and you can find out more about buying tickets by clicking HERE.

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