Meet P4pero, Brisbane’s loved K-POP dance group


Meet P4pero, Brisbane’s loved K-POP dance group

Since meeting at a K-POP dance workshop in 2013, Brisbane-based girl group P4pero (pronounced “Pepero”) have been growing their online presence in spades.

Bonding over a love of everything K-POP and dance, Kelly Lu, Brittany Fuller, Kathy Li and River Hart have become four loveable YouTube personalities, with fans around the world.

“When we started, it was purely just for fun and it was our hobby, and we just started the Youtube channel and thought we would just post a couple of videos,” Kelly said.

But, we wanted to get better and do more dances because they keep coming out with new styles and songs, and it is just a growing passion.

“When we first started uploading, we were so surprised to get even a hundred views and that was four years ago, and now we’ve got over 300,000 views on some of our videos, which is even more surprising,” Kathy added.


Only six months after forming P4pero, the four girls decided to apply for the K-POP World Festival preliminaries. After uploading a cover to Mamma Mia by KARA as their audition, the girls were flown to Melbourne, where they won the Australian round.

“We were so shocked to hear we had won, and we were even more shocked that we were chosen in the top 14 out of around 80 countries to go to Korea and perform in front of 25,000 people,” River said.

“That was just surreal and we still think about it everyday because we’d worked really hard in the lead-up to that festival, and we all wanted to do well, and we did.”


K-POP, otherwise known as South Korean Pop, has been growing exponentially around the world, with the industry worth around US $5 billion, a phenomenon often credited to the constant stream of new content and huge international fan bases.

“It’s all thanks to the internet because it just reaches more people, so it leads to more people talking about it,” Brittany explained.

“There are all these new groups coming out as well, so everyone is going to find at least one group they like, no matter what.”

They’re always bringing out new music and it just keeps getting better, and they do international tours now too, so it’s just going to keep gaining popularity.

Also using the internet to share their love of K-POP, P4pero has just hit 26,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel and they hope to continue to grow their platform in the coming years.

“Hopefully one day we can do something in Korea again,” Brittany said.

“We want to go back together as a group again and do something related to our Youtube channel and dance, which is a huge goal.”

“It would also be cool to collaborate with other YouTubers who are doing similar things because it would be great to meet other content creators and make content with them,” Kelly added.


P4pero is hosting their ninth K-POP workshop on September 27 at Metro Arts in Brisbane from 2pm. Click HERE for more details.

Subscribe to P4pero on YouTube HERE and follow their Facebook HERE.

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