Boulevarde Music: Western Sydney duo are shaking up the music industry

Boulevarde Music: Western Sydney duo are shaking up the music industry

Sydney-based beatmakers, Boulevarde Music, bring a fresh vision to the electronic genre.

Comprising of Edgar Lattouf and Jordan Leonard, the duo share a passion for writing and producing.

Our number one goal since day one has been to create the music we want to hear in the world, something unique that represents both of us.

Drawing inspiration from his Middle-Eastern background, Edgar said he is able to incorporate the “unique” rhythms and styles of Lebanese music into their work like second nature.

“Coming from a very family-oriented culture means I spend a lot of time at family functions, and being a DJ means I am tasked with listening, learning and enjoying Lebanese music,” Edgar said.

Image from Boulevarde’s Facebook page.

Before meeting Edgar, Jordan had no prior experience with the Lebanese community, but he now considers himself great friends with many of the people he’s met along the way.

“We actually would not be where we are today without them – such a supportive and encouraging community,” Jordan said.

The two met through work, where they were both employed in the AV hire industry, and through that they found a shared passion for music.

“We just started hanging out and learning how to make beats together until we decided that Boulevarde was going to be something bigger,” said Jordan.

The Western Sydney duo have been writing music since 2014, and have teamed up with Aussie and international topliners to create their own take on the indie, electro-pop world.

Everyone injects a different perspective into the music and that’s when the best records are made, in our opinion.

Their most recent achievement was writing up music for a National Geographic and OPPO campaign earlier this year.

Image supplied by Boulevarde.

Keep an ear out this week for their new track called “Lover”, that will be premiering nationally on Triple J Unearthed on Wednesday August 14 at 5:30pm, or on your favourite streaming service this Friday August 16, 2019.

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