Huge year ahead for Tushar Apte, the Aussie producer behind BTS’ track ‘Home’

Tushar Apte Korean Cultural Centre

Huge year ahead for Tushar Apte, the Aussie producer behind BTS’ track ‘Home’

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Following his work on K-pop Boyband sensation BTS’ latest album ‘Map of the Soul: Persona’, LA-based songwriter and producer Tushar Apte visited the Korean Cultural Centre Australia on April 18, 2019.

Joined by APRA AMCOS representatives, Tushar shared his experience of working with the Korean artists, and discussed the global rise of K-pop and Korean culture.

Recently appointed as an APRA AMCOS Ambassador in 2019, Tushar’s relationship with the song writing body began when he was invited to an APRA AMCOS SongHubs camp in Toronto, and it was here that he co-wrote Chris Brown’s ‘Zero’ in 25 minutes.

Since then, Tushar’s career moved quickly, having now worked on some of the biggest tracks in pop and R&B, including hits for Demi Lovato, Zayn Malik, Noah Cyrus, Steve Aoki, Charlie XCX and Maroon 5’s Adam Levine.

Tushar’s chart-topping songs for these big name artists naturally appealed to BIGHIT Entertainment Co. who were looking for talented writers for BTS’s latest project, which just debuted at number one on the Australian album chart this week.

According to Tushar, his standout track ‘Home’ on the latest album is dedicated to the BTS Army fan base; featuring the cosy classic R&B touches that Tushar loves.

On BTS’s global success, Tushar appreciated the group’s efforts in delivering positive messages through their music, which has become a trend on the international music scene.

Tushar said: I think BTS has those moments that makes people feel like ‘Oh, this is the big chorus, this is the beat’ and that stuff never dies down, it’s almost classic.

He also mentioned that BTS’ hits keep a well-balanced edge of classic melodies and contemporary pop, and that their genuine passion for music really gives off a positive energy not only to their fans, but also to many music producers around the world.

Tushar also has many connections to the Korean-Australian community, with his parents currently living close to the Strathfield area – a place known as ‘Little Korea’ thanks to it being the home to Sydney’s largest Korean community and the array of  popular Korean restaurant.

Tushar Apte Korean Cultural Centre

Having studied at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music for two years, the self-taught, naturally talented musician expects a big year ahead with more collaboration opportunities with the Korean music industry.

APRA AMCOS is looking to propel this through an exciting, soon to be announced project with Tushar and the K-pop market.

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