Korean Cultural Centre showcasing the best of Korea

Korean Cultural Centre showcasing the best of Korea

Photo credit: Korea.net/Korean Culture and Information Service

The Korean Cultural Centre was established in the heart of Sydney in 2011 as a way to introduce a greater representation of Korean culture in the country, as well as encourage Australian-Korean cultural exchanges.

The centre has a number of classes on offer, including K-Pop dance classes, Korean language and cooking lessons, and this year, the group introduced a new Korean calligraphy class.

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They also regularly host a number of art exhibitions, as well as a wide range of education programs for young and old, alike.

The centre’s most recent art exhibition, Generation to Generation, showcased a number of traditional crafts from the Cultural Heritage Association in Korea.

The pieces all have significant historic, academic, and artistic values and distinct local flavours.

Keep an eye on their website to find out what else is on at the Korean Cultural Centre.

Anisha Mistry

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