Australia-China Trade Exhibition kicks off again

Australia-China Trade Exhibition kicks off again

Running over three days from 24-26 August 2018, the Australia-China Trade Exhibition (ACTE) kicked off at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre for another year, bringing together businesses from the two nations to enhance trade and cross-cultural relationships.

With the translation of ACTE Sales Representative Laurinda Lam, Managing Director Mr Sam Sun said exhibitions are essential in furthering the already strong trade and communication connections between China and Australia.

“A lot of times we’ve found the demand and supply between the two nations can continue to complement each other,” he said.

“That’s why it’s important to maintain a good relationship because we both have good resources and we can work with each other to develop together.”

ACTE was the first of its size and kind to be held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, becoming a catalyst for similar events to be created and held.

In a way, our exhibition initiates opportunities and promotes the economy in Australia.

“By doing this, we are also helping small and medium sized businesses to sell to China and help them find a good solution to tap into the sizeable Chinese market,” Mr Sun explained.

This year, ACTE will also feature exhibitions from the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, providing visitors with free consultations on policy interpretation and giving guidance for when entering the Chinese market.

Other than that, we are also introducing an innovative mini application that operates online and helps small and medium-sized businesses with cross-border trade.

“By running this platform, we’ll be able to involve some daigou buying groups, as well as individuals willing to promote Australian products to China,” Mr Sun said.

With these innovations seen in exhibitions such as ACTE, Mr Sun hopes the China-Australia relationship will continue to flourish.

“More importantly, we would love to foster greater cultural communication between these two countries because if we understand each other better, things will run smoother in the future,” he said.

We hope that exhibitions like ours help the local Chinese community to interact with the wider community, and to further understanding between the groups.

“Not only that, we hope ACTE can also introduce more Chinese brands to Australians, as well as promote our culture to Australia.”

According to the 2016 national census, there were over 1.2 million people of Chinese ancestry living in Australia, with more than 360,000 based in Victoria.

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Anisha Mistry

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