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(for new customers only)

Special exchange rate for first-time customers, see website for more details


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Remitly was founded by two people with heavy experience in money remittances and this is demonstrated across their website.

Unlike many of their competitors, Remitly do have two transfer options, depending on what their consumers require – speed or low-cost. They are also rated very highly across the various review websites, and are competitive in rates and fees.

Not only this, but they have demonstrated a good understanding of the Indian community through their blog, and also through small things such as Hindi phrasing on their Indian homepage. Read the full review below.


Brand Story

    • Brand mission: We work hard to help their hard-earned money stretch farther so more make it to their loved ones safely.
    • Founded by two people with heavy money transfer experience – one worked in a bank in Kenya and saw difficulties faced by people trying to send money, and the other struggled sending money abroad to family
    • Ranked third on Fast Company’s 2019 World’s Most Innovative Companies list in the Finance category


User Experience

    • Cannot test exact fees or amount received without signing up for an account
    • Receive country page is easy to find and page remembers selection
    • Fairly simple to gain help/contact
    • Easy-to-understand language, no Indian languages available
    • App download is slightly hidden
    • Front-facing website is dark, but is more visually appealing further down page


Community Interactions Incentives

    • Special rate for new customers – first-time use only (dependant on receive country)
    • Economy vs. Express send options
    • In-language phrasing: “Remitly’s Chaar Ka Dum”

SCORE 15.3

Sender Experience

    • Very easy sign-up
      • Email, password, confirm password
    • Sender is notified via email once money is sent, and when the money is received
    • Easy to make recurring payments – all previous receiver details remembered
    • Sender options clear (Debit/credit card (express), bank transfer)
    • Clear to also decide how receiver can get funds sent (Cash pick-up or bank transfer) and they can also gain an understanding of approximately how long the transfer will take
    • Fees, exchange rate and amount received not clear without sign-up, but clear once this is done
    • App available


Receiver Experience

    • Email notification when transfer is sent, and then again when finalised
    • Exact receive locations not clear, but Remitly is partnered with a number of banks in India


Financial Values

The following values were tested based on sending $1000 to India. Please note these were the values we were shown at the time and are subject to change. For a more up-to-date representation, check out their current rates HERE

    • Fees: $3.99 AUD (cash pick-up), free on transfers over $1000
    • Exchange rate: 1.00 AUD = 49.12 INR
    • Amount received: $1000 AUD = 49120.00 INR


Customer Service

    • Friendly customer service agents over the phone, however hold time was long
    • Facebook response time: Typically within a day
    • Many negative social media comments but Remitly seems to respond and help many of the enquiries
    • Contact options on website: Real-time messaging, contact us form, email, phone numbers


Safety & Security

    • ASIC and AUSTRAC registered

SCORE 4.16

Indian Community Panel Reviews

    • TrustPilot: 9.2/10
    • Google Reviews: 4.9/5
    • Overall App Store rating: 9.4/10
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