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Ria is a firm competitor in the digital remittance market, having been available in Australia since 2005.

Their Australia/Pacific web interface is not as modern as their US counterpart, which could demonstrate they do not place a very high importance on their digital transfers from Australia to the Philippines.

However, Ria is very active within the Filipino-Australian community and do provide good rates and transparency to their customers. Check out the full review below.


Brand Story

    • Brand mission: To shorten the distance between loved ones through reliable services
    • Founded in New York in 1987, so is well-established, but does not have a relatable founding story for their consumers
    • Subsidiary of Euronet WorldWide and has partnered with Boost Mobile
    • Partnered with NGOs to support multiple charitable causes – Indonesian earthquake relief, blood drive campaign, International Women’s Day, etc.


User Experience

    • Australian website is very old-fashioned and not visually appealing at all, especially compared to the US website
    • Able to see fees and amount received both before and after sign-up, but slightly longer process to do so
    • Contact us/support pages easy to find
    • No specific country page, but easy to find receive country list
    • No official app available
    • Easy-to-understand language
    • Tagalog not available


Community Interactions Incentives

    • No fees on first transfer using code ‘TRYRIA’
    • $20 AUD gift card awarded to both old customers for referral
    • Community stories and competitions on blog, but this page is not easy to find


Sender Experience

    • Lengthy sign-up process
      • For security, sign-up requires user to add three security questions on top of other sign up information
    • Email notifications received when money transfer is in process and when complete, also received a phone notification at completion
    • Easy to make recurring payments – all previous receiver details remembered
    • Sender payment options clear (Debit/Credit card, bank transfer)
    • Clear to see how receiver can get funds (Cash pick-up, bank transfer, or delivery) and can also gain an understanding of approximately how long the transfer will take
    • Fees, exchange rate and amount received clear
    • Very quick send time to the Philippines – took just under one hour for our CulturalPulse test
    • App not available


Receiver Experience

    • Email notifications received when money transfer is in process and when complete
    • Many options for Ria customers to receive their funds:
      • Bank deposit
      • Cash pick-up
      • Delivery
    • Exact receive locations not clear, but Ria is partnered with a number of banks and other locations for receivers to pick-up their fund – this information could be clearer
    • Very quick send time to the Philippines – took just under one hour for our CulturalPulse test


Financial Values

The following values were tested based on sending $1000 to the Philippines on April 11, 2019. Please note these were the values we were provided at the time and are subject to change. For a more up-to-date representation, check out their current rates HERE

    • Fees: $2 AUD (Direct bank payment)
    • Exchange rate: 1.00 AUD = 36.45 PHP
    • Amount received: $1000 AUD = 36,450.00 PHP


Customer Service

    • Friendly customer service agents over the phone, no hold time
    • Facebook response time: Unclear
    • Little interaction on Facebook page (AU/NZ)
    • Contact options on website: Contact Us form, and phone numbers

SCORE 100%

Safety & Security

    • ASIC and AUSTRAC registered

SCORE 39.2%

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