Digital Money Transfer Services Comparison - Remit from Australia to the Philippines


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Western Union is one of the world’s most well-established money transfer services. Although much of their spending does go towards traditional advertising, Western Union has regularly invested in Filipino-Australian community events.

They also provide some of the lowest fees out of the six competitors and are competitive in terms of their receive options.

However, their exact receive locations are hard to find on the sender’s end, which could cause worry that their loved ones in the Philippines are unable to pick-up their remittances. Read the full review below.


Brand Story

    • Brand mission: To help grow economies and realize a better world
    • Well-established brand, with not too much of a relatable backstory
    • Partnered with Amazon to help people pay for items in own currencies
    • Has the Western Union Foundation – a collaboration with NGOs to grow skills in people of developing countries


User Experience

    • Clear to see fees and amount received both before and after sign-up
    • Easy to search for receive country and to find help/contact information
    • Not clear they have an app available
    • Easy-to-understand language
    • Tagalog not available
    • The homepage is a little dark and not welcoming, which might be off-putting for some customers


Community Interactions Incentives

    • $4 AUD lowest fee
    • First transfer fee free, but it is hard to find this information
    • Customer stories and special occasion articles on blog
    • Western Union have been active in the community in the past, still some community engagement, but more of their investment goes towards advertising


Sender Experience

    • Relatively easy sign-up process
      • Requires basic information such as name, email address and password, but also address, DOB and mobile number
    • Email notifications received when money transfer is in process and when complete
    • Easy to make recurring payments – all previous receiver details remembered
    • Receive options are clear, features bank transfer or cash pick-up
    • Sender also has two options for digital payment
    • Sender can gain a clear understanding of approximately how long transfer will take depending on transfer option chosen
    • Average send time to the Philippines – the transfer took three days for our CulturalPulse test
    • App is available


Receiver Experience

    • Email notification received when money transfer is in process and when complete
    • Many receive options for Filipinos:
      • More than 8,400 agents – difficult to find exact locations
      • PayMaya Mobile Wallets
      • Bank accounts
    • Average send time to the Philippines – the transfer took three days for our CulturalPulse test


Financial Values

The following values were tested based on sending $1000 to the Philippines on April 11, 2019. Please note these were the values we were provided at the time and are subject to change. For a more up-to-date representation, check out their current rates HERE

    • Fees: $4 AUD
    • Exchange rate: 1.00 AUD = 36.8315 PHP
    • Amount received: $1000 AUD = 36831.50 PHP


Customer Service

    • Automated receiver system when checking on the progress of the transfer
    • Mixed social media comments, but Western Union responds to many
    • Facebook response time: Typically within a day
    • Contact options on website – Contact form or phone numbers available on website

SCORE 100%

Safety & Security

    • ASIC and AUSTRAC registered

SCORE 56.4%

Online Community Panel Reviews

8.1/10Overall App Store Average
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