Digital Money Transfer Services Comparison - Remit from Australia to the Philippines


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No fees on first three transactions using code ‘3FREE’


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WorldRemit is a leading digital transfer service that aims to make remittances easy, fast and reliable for all their Filipino-Australian users.

WorldRemit is known for having one of the biggest receive networks in the Philippines, and this is clear through their various partnerships with local Filipino businesses including Palawan Pawn Shops or Cebuana Lhuillier.

Of all the brands we tested, WorldRemit also offered the quickest services to the Philippines, with the funds having been processed and delivered within 30 minutes.

However, other brands do offer more competitive rates and lower fees, but customers seem to overlook this for their reliable service, which is regularly seen across various objective customer review websites, including TrustPilot.

Check out their full review below.


Brand Story

    • Brand mission: Taking something complicated and making it simple
    • Ismael Ahmed, a migrant from Somaliland, struggled with sending money to his family and friends so founded the company to make the process a lot easier
    • Backed by investors who also work with FB, Spotify, Netflix
    • First UK Fintech to integrate with WhatsApp Business
    • Supports various external charities and fundraising efforts


User Experience

    • Transparency with fees and amount received, both before and after sign-up
    • Receive country is easy to find, but user is unable to type their country in to find it
    • Contact us and help pages available
    • App download is not obvious until further down the page – not everyone may scroll this far
    • Easy to understand the language of the website
    • Tagalog not available
    • Website is modern and easy to navigate


Community Interactions & Incentives

    • No fees on first three transfers using code ‘3FREE’ on all initial three transactions
    • $35 AUD awarded to both old and new customers for referral
    • Filipino-specific community stories on blog page
    • WorldRemit invests in the community by sponsoring local events


Sender Experience

    • Very easy sign-up
      • Only requires full name, email address and password
    • Clear to scroll through and see the receive options:
      • Only requires full name, email address and password
      • WorldRemit wallet
      • Cash pickup
      • Bank transfer
      • Mobile money
      • Airtime reload
    • Website is transparent with fees, exchange rate and amount received
    • Approximate transfer times are stated before signing up
    • Sender can pay easily by linking a credit or debit card
    • Notifications sent at each stage – money sent, money processed, money received
    • Very quick send time to the Philippines – took just under one hour for our CulturalPulse test
    • App is available


Receiver Experience

    • Notifications at each stage – money sent and relevant financial values, money processed, money received
    • Notifications can be attained through SMS or WhatsApp
    • Wide network reach across the country, particularly good at serving those without a bank account:
      • WorldRemit wallet
      • Cash pickup
      • Bank transfer
      • Mobile money
      • Airtime reload
    • Very quick send time to the Philippines – took just under one hour for our CulturalPulse test


Financial Values

The following values were tested based on sending $1000 to the Philippines on April 11, 2019. Please note these were the values we were provided at the time and are subject to change. For a more up-to-date representation, check out their current rates HERE

    • Fees: $8.99
    • Exchange rate: 1.00 AUD = 36.14226 PHP
    • Amount received: $1000 AUD = 36142.26 PHP


Customer Service

    • Facebook response time: Typically a few hours
    • Contact options on website – Contact forms, direct phone numbers and emails available
    • Many negative social media comments (Facebook), but WorldRemit appears to respond to many of them
    • Friendly customer service agents over the phone, no hold time

SCORE 100%

Safety & Security

    • ASIC and AUSTRAC registered

SCORE 80.2%

Online Community Panel Reviews

9.2/104.7/5Overall App Store Average
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