Bistro Papillon: The restaurant dishing up authentic French food in the heart of Sydney

Bistro Papillon

Bistro Papillon: The restaurant dishing up authentic French food in the heart of Sydney

Celebrating their tenth birthday this June, French restaurant Bistro Papillon has just reopened its doors with a new array of French delicacies. Offering in-house dining, take-away, delivery and a brand new French deli, Bistro Papillon promises diners an authentic experience of classic French food.

Restaurant co-owner and head chef Ludovic is passionate about creating traditional French dishes. His favourite item on the menu – which also happens to be the most popular one – is beef burgundy, served with a side of buttery Paris mash.

“People sit down, they have it with a glass of wine – it’s just a match made in heaven,” he said.

As for his favourite ingredients, the classic garlic and wine feature in several dishes on the menu.

A French bistro will always stay a French bistro.
Bistro Boys

Ludovic’s passion for food started at a young age. Growing up in the Alsace region of France, he often experimented in the kitchen. At the age of 14, Ludovic began his apprenticeship and hasn’t looked back since.

“I loved it straight away. Being in a kitchen, you get a buzz,” he shared.

During his time working at a French restaurant in Bath in the early 2000s, Ludovic befriended Xavier, together with whom he later founded Bistro Papillon.

“He was on the floor, I was in the kitchen. We just connected because we had the same dream.”

Since its opening in 2010, Bistro Papillon prides itself for its classic, hearty cuisine that we all associate with France. The restaurant serves a very mixed clientele, ranging from corporate lunches to celebratory dinners.

Ludovic also enjoys connecting with their French patrons, many of whom visit the bistro to indulge in the foods they miss from home.

Boef Bourgignon

One of the newest developments at Bistro Papillon is their in-house French deli. Offering a range of meats, cheeses and charcuterie, the deli is the perfect choice for those wishing to bring the restaurant home.

“The idea comes from customers asking for something we have on the menu that they’ve tried when they were in France,” Ludovic explained.

Bistro Papillon was also the first restaurant to bring the raclette to Sydney – a traditional dish of melted cheese, potatoes, pickles and meats. Other highlights of the deli include the merguez – a spiced lamb sausage – and the Tarte Tatin – a caramelised apple tart.

After a period of closure as per current restrictions, the restaurant has just reopened for lunch and dinner reservations with seating limited to 10 people.

You can find Bistro Papillon at 98 Clarence Street, Sydney CBD, NSW 2000. To check out their menu or to book a reservation, visit their website HERE.

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