Get to know Malaysian community ambassador: Angela Goh

Get to know Malaysian community ambassador: Angela Goh

Angela Goh moved from Singapore 30 years ago, and since then, she has beaten all odds and built herself and her business from the ground up.

Now, Angela uses her skills as an Australian businesswoman to help others who are new to the country to settle in and find their place. Learn more about the amazing work Angela does, below!

What is your role in the community?
I own a professional housekeeping company, Ozzie Integrated Services, based on the Gold Coast. Being an owner of a company gives me lots of freedom to participate in many network groups on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane. I do enjoy assisting  international investors and students about investment and education in Queensland and of course to promote Queensland as a destination to the overseas market.

Why do you love being a community leader?
A leader is to share, assist and I love being around people.

Most memorable moment from being an ambassador with Red Elephant programs?
Commonwealth Games Ambassador 2018

What do you love most about the Gold Coast?
I live in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast. It is very bohemian, full of arts and crafts, very good eateries, and of course, only a five minute drive to the beach from my house.

Favourite country to visit (apart from your own)
I have travelled to many countries and I must say I do enjoy being in Penang, Malaysia.

Favourite city in Australia to visit?
Gold Coast, Queensland

Best holiday you’ve ever had?
Seminyak, Bali. Very affordable massages, facials, quaint cafes and restaurants, lovely shops to browse around.

What languages do you speak?
English , Malay and a little Mandarin

What’s your favourite food from your country of heritage, Malaysia?
Laksa , a dessert called Putu Piring, and Kueh Kochi

How would you define being an ‘Aussie’?
Casual, fun, dry sense of humor and helpful.

What does it mean to be a multicultural Australian?
For me, I emigrated from Singapore in 1988 – 30 years ago. I have always been well-received by Australians, and they always give me a fair go. So, as I am an Australian now, I love to assist new migrants.

Favourite sport?

Favourite music genre?

Favourite movie of all time?
P.S. I Love You

What is the greatest achievement in your life?
I came from a school of hard knocks, and with no university degree or qualification under my belt, I worked hard as a teenager and I am now a proud business woman.

What is your most effective way of relaxing (I.e. if you were about to perform on stage, what would you do just before it to relax?)
Walking along the beach and listening to music.

Who is the most influential person in your life? If they were standing in front of you right now what would you say?
My mum! I love you mum and thank you for bringing me up to be a classy and strong lady!

Anisha Mistry

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