How to travel the world in four hours

How to travel the world in four hours

Photo credit: IYF Brisbane / Facebook

The Brisbane chapter of the International Youth Fellowship (IYF) is bringing their first ever World Culture Festival to Logan, featuring around 15 countries in a colourful showcase of local food, cultural performances, national costumes and games.

On Saturday November 24, 2018 from 1-5pm at the Springwood Tower Apartment Hotel, representatives from various multicultural communities in Brisbane will be sharing their knowledge about their ancestral country.

Rebecca Lee, IYF Brisbane Manager, said she hopes people will leave the event with a greater understanding and appreciation of the world around them.

“We want people to gain more knowledge about the countries, their historical background, and their games, language and food,” she explained.

People can have many prejudices and preconceptions about different cultures, so we want to let people know we can be one-hearted simply by knowing more about each other.

With free admission, IYF Brisbane is hoping to see around 200-300 people in attendance at the event.

Photo credit: IYF Brisbane / Facebook

Represented countries include Ghana, Botswana, Congo, Rwanda, South Africa, China, Korea, Myanmar, Vietnam, India and Samoa, with cultural performances also from Kiribati, Côte d’Ivoire, China, Korea and Jamaica.

The IYF was founded by Pastor Ock Soo Park in 1995 as a worldwide youth organisation and international NGO to raise leaders with a global insight through youth education, activities, and provide realistic solutions to problems in the global village.

As part of the IYF mission, the organisation aims to create greater social and cultural cohesion, as well as bring change within members’ lives, and to challenge them to always do something new.

Photo credit: IYF Brisbane / Facebook

Rebecca said the Brisbane chapter currently has 40-50 members, but has continued to grow steadily since its commencement in 2013.

They are currently also running programs that allow members to travel overseas over a period of 3 months to a year to exchange their knowledge with their host country.

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