Study Gold Coast


Study Gold Coast’s (SGC) mandate is to market the Gold Coast as ‘Australia’s Favourite Classroom’ for its 52 institutional members including Universities and TAFE. SGC helps drive more recruitment leads to education bodies in the Gold Coast (e.g. Griffith University, Bond University and TAFE), which in turn aids Australia’s third biggest sector – the international education market.


We needed to influence the consideration of potential international students in other cities around the world in the most effective way.

Our challenge was to improve on the results of SGC’s previous campaign, which saw high numbers in general reach, and transform general leads into high quality leads through deeper targeting and by leveraging onshore student diaspora networks.

Key outputs/outcomes

CulturalPulse sourced bespoke international student insights from our Community Panel to create the #MyGCJourney campaign – an authentic series made up of 16 multilingual videos of seven current Gold Coast students from Brazil, Japan and India.

The videos were distributed nationally and internationally through strategic language-based channels, ensuring the onshore and offshore campaigns worked in parallel to each other.

#MyGCJourney was a resounding success, reaching over six million people, invoking over 40,000 deeper engagements, and generating 27,000 clicks to the website in a six-week period, with an average time on page of 1:44 minutes.

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Portuguese Language (Brazil)

Japanese Language (Japan)

Telegu, Kannada & Hindi Languages (India)

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