Celebrate a life in colour at Parramatta’s Holi Mela 2019

Celebrate a life in colour at Parramatta’s Holi Mela 2019

In their mission of bringing the biggest Holi event to Australia, the Hindu Gaurav has this year teamed up with Parramasala for the Holi Mela 2019.

On March 17, 2019 at Parramatta River, thousands of people of all cultures will come together in one of the worlds’ most colourful and diverse festivals.

Sweccha Kulshresta of Hindi Gaurav said the date often signifies three things to those who take part in the celebrations – the victory of good over evil, unity and diversity.

“Thousands of people of all races and colours come together to play together, they don’t care about where each other is from, they are just there to have fun,” she said.

“Holi originated thousands and thousands of years ago, but we still carry these values of coming together and enjoying life.

It’s not just about India, and it’s not just about Australia, but it’s about celebrating the whole planet unifying.

Started in 2015 as a way to bring Holi to the City of Parramatta, Sweccha and the rest of the Hindi Gaurav team have seen their festival grow tremendously over the years and have been successful in bringing government officials and Bollywood stars to the event.

“When we first arrived in Sydney in 2003, we stayed in Parramatta, we got jobs in Parramatta and we even ended up buying a house there,” Sweccha said.

There used to be a Holi event in the city, but we thought Parramatta was a big enough place where all the communities could come together and celebrate an even bigger event.

“Parramatta is also a place very close to many Indians’ hearts in Sydney.”

Along with the well-known colour throwing celebrations, there will be rides, food stalls, and Bollywood dancing and performances.

Event Details
Holi Mela 2019
WHEN: March 17, 2019 10am
WHERE: Parramatta River, Parramatta

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