Highly acclaimed Chinese artist Ai Weiwei featured in 21st Biennale of Sydney

Highly acclaimed Chinese artist Ai Weiwei featured in 21st Biennale of Sydney

(Flickr) Photo credit: Alfred Weidinger

Known for his performance, conceptual and political artworks, Ai Weiwei is arguably one of the most famous Chinese artists living today. His artwork is currently being featured at the 21st Biennale of Sydney on Cockatoo Island and is continuing to create waves in the conceptual art sphere.

China is known for its lack of free speech and as a result, Ai Weiwei’s art has gotten him into trouble; the police have beaten him up, kept him under house arrest, bulldozed his newly-built studio and subjected him to surveillance. But, this does not hold him back from producing some of the most controversial and eye-opening pieces.

More recently, Ai Weiwei has used his pieces to advocate for refugee rights, where he is portraying the experiences of millions of people who are forcibly displaced from their homes.

This year at the Biennale of Sydney, Ai Weiwei showcases these controversial artworks. An example from the series is his 2017 piece titled Law of the Journey, featuring a 60-metre inflatable boat with hundreds of anonymous refugees. To create an even great impact, the artwork was manufactured by the same Chinese company supplying similar vessels to the thousands of people attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea each year.

The exhibition will continue to run at Cockatoo Island until June 11.

Anisha Mistry

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