Chinese-Australian badminton star fosters young talent

Chinese-Australian badminton star fosters young talent

After retiring as one of Australia’s top badminton performers, Anna Lao now works to develop the passions and talents of young players in New South Wales, to create the next generation of Australian badminton olympians.

At the peak of her career, Anna won the title of Australian Open Triple Champion in both 1989 and 1991, before coming in at fifth place in both the singles and doubles competition in the Barcelona Olympics 1992.

Establishing Sydney’s first registered badminton coaching academy in 2002, Anna and her team strive to share their knowledge of the sport with their young athletes.

“We trained and provided talents for the state and national teams, and we dedicated ourselves to promoting badminton as a sport in Australia,” Anna said.

Born in China, Anna began playing badminton from a young age, competing in many tournaments and achieving commendable results.

My Chinese heritage taught me the value of hard work and persistence in the pursuit of a set goal.

“But, being able to represent Australia in the Olympics and achieving good outcomes gives me great honour and encouragement,” Anna explained.

“I owe my achievement to the Australian government and people, the Olympic Committee and the support of the Australian Badminton Association.”

Anna continues to dedicate herself to the development of badminton in Australia, believing the next generation of players have a bright future in the international sphere.

I accumulated a lot of experience in training and competition so it is my sole desire to share my knowledge and expertise to the badminton sport.

“With that solid foundation, we are able to faster improve the standard of badminton as a sport and nurture more high quality talents,” Anna said.

Anna is also a Master of Sports titleholder in China, a member of the World Chinese Badminton Federation Council and is currently the President of the Australian Community Badminton Association.

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