Cindy Chen empowering women through delicious Cambodian food

Cindy Chen Amok Catering

Cindy Chen empowering women through delicious Cambodian food

Through her catering company Amok Sisters, Cambodian-Australian Cindy Chen is putting her own unique twist on delicious Cambodian food to help connect and support woman globally.

Having lived through the notorious Pol Pot regime, she emphasises her need to help other people facing similar situations, especially Cambodian woman.

Cindy’s passion for the catering world and her need to help others was also partly fuelled by her father’s creativity with food.

Everyone has always said I’ve got a big heart, but I want to show it to the world. I want to see more people like myself, I want to see another one of me.

She recalls her father would make and sell ‘nom bao’, or steamed buns, in the refugee camps they were living in to help provide for their family.

Despite the length of time that has passed since, Cindy set out to remake the delicious buns for as part of the Amok Sisters’ menu of offerings, and she said they are her favourite dish.

Cindy also said what makes Amok so special compared to other catering companies is their authentic preparation methods.

“We don’t buy anything, including herbs and spices, unless we can not grow it in our backyard. We do not pre-cook,” she said.

We prepare everything the day before and wake up the next morning around 3 – 4 am before delivering the food.

Customers often favour Amok’s vegetarian selection at the moment, with the hotcakes and spring rolls being the current hits.

The name Amok comes from one of Cambodia’s most authentic dishes, consisting of a fish curry wrapped in a banana leaf.

“What inspired me to pursue this path is my love for Cambodian food,” she said.

It’s just so authentic and healthy and different.

Cindy recognises the business still needs space to expand and grow and is hoping to spread the word through social media and her online presence.

She dreams of having her very own commercial kitchen and hopes to be able to provide employment to more single woman.

“We’ve been working so hard the past few years and we have a lot of support now,” she said

“I’m sure one day my dream will come true.”

Try Amok out by heading to their first ever cafe right in Sydney at Westfield Liverpool.

To stay up-to-date with Cindy’s work, check out Amok Sisters on Instagram HERE

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