Come Closer: The Polynesian sound of the summer

Come Closer: The Polynesian sound of the summer

Photo credit: Rewiti Brown / Risers Media

New Zealand-Australian hip hop artist Bravo Fortune has just released his latest track, Come Closer, featuring the vocal powerhouse Prinnie Stevens, and Bravo is sure the tune will bring him a few steps closer to number one in the charts.

With the musical genius’ of executive producer Philippe-Marc Anquetil and composer Foreign Beats, Bravo said the experience of writing, performing and producing the song was unlike anything he has ever done before.

“It was such a vibe, and working with professionals for the first time was so good for me,” he explained.

When Prinnie first walked into the studio I was trying to keep myself together, I was so shocked that she was actually there and wanting to work with me on this track.

“I felt the most pressure when she made me write her verse and I really felt like it had to be the best I had ever done.”

Photo credit: Rewiti Brown / Risers Media

Despite having never previously met, Prinnie completely trusted Bravo with her lyrics – the first time she has ever allowed someone else to do so, she explained.

Before agreeing to work with Bravo, Prinnie said she had listened to some of his previous works and appreciated the Polynesian influence in his music because of her Tongan heritage.

“The song is this mix of pop culture and islander influence, so it’s basically the perfect mix of what I love and what I can do,” she said.

“I let him write my verse because I really wanted to know what he wanted out of the song and because it was his vision, so we came up with this awesome track and we really bounced off each other.”

Having been brought up with Maori song and dance in Kihikihi in New Zealand’s Waikato region, Bravo said this rich culture has subliminally guided his music, which has the “high tempo and happy beat” that is often heard in Maori folk songs, such as He Hõnore.

“When I was growing up in New Zealand around the Maori people, we were always singing and it was always a part of what we did,” Bravo explained.

Maori songs are sung in a way so that everyone can sing along, so I have put that back into my music so the audience can sing along too.

With the Pasifika influence and tropical vibe, the track has been released just in time for summer, and Prinnie and Bravo are both sure the song will be a hit across the country.

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