How big is the Lebanese community in Australia?

Lebanese Community in Australia

How big is the Lebanese community in Australia?

The Lebanese community in Australia is estimated to grow to around 244,600 people by 2021, according to the trend in growth patterns from latest Australian Housing and Population Census data sets.

In 2016, Census data showed there were a total of 217,342 people of Lebanese ancestry living in Australia.

Greater Sydney is currently home to the largest Lebanese community, followed by Greater Melbourne, the rest of New South Wales and Greater Adelaide.

Within NSW, the suburbs with the largest recorded populations of people with Lebanese ancestry were Greenacre, Guildford, Punchbowl, Merrylands and Bankstown.

Population of Lebanese Community by Major Australian City (2016)
Greater Sydney – 157,043
Greater Melbourne – 42,402
Greater Adelaide – 4096
Greater Brisbane – 3403
Greater Perth – 2096
Greater Hobart – 101
Greater Darwin – 62

Australians with Lebanese ancestry are the 14th biggest community in Australia, however, the community does form the largest population of people with ancestry from countries within the Middle East.

Other Middle Eastern communities with a large recorded population in Australia in 2016 include the Iraqi community of 64,667 people, and the Afghan population of 45,179.

In Australia, the Lebanese community is religiously diverse, with over half of the community identifying as Christian (either Orthodox or Catholic), while a large majority are Muslim.

The largest wave of migration from Lebanon occurred between 1976 and 1981 during the Lebanese Civil War, however, since then, migration has significantly reduced and growth rates have become steady.

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