Diethnes Greek Restaurant continues to serve Sydney in true family-style

diethnes greek restaurant

Diethnes Greek Restaurant continues to serve Sydney in true family-style

Established in 1952, Diethnes Greek Restaurant has been opening their doors to provide traditional and authentic Greek food to thousands of customers for nearly 70 years.

After being handed the keys to the restaurant by his father, current owner John Ventouris said he hopes for visitors to continue to experience the warm and wholesome atmosphere the restaurant has been known for over the years, all while enjoying food that transports them to Greece.

Born in Sydney to parents of Greek heritage, it is no surprise that John had been surrounded by Greek cuisine his whole life, and in keeping the family tradition alive, he began working in the Diethnes kitchen at the age of 16.

I've been around Greek food since I was a grandchild. I would come down to the restaurant, seeing the chefs cook and so, my passion came from them.

Since taking ownership of the restaurant, John and his wife Helen have been working to ensure every meal is cooked to perfection, making sure they keep the Greek traditions alive by following many of the same recipes that have been used since Diethnes’ inception and ensuring their family service and atmosphere is kept alive.

This is clear in reviews across the internet and social media, with many commenting on the family atmosphere and great food that John and Diethnes has to offer to their visitors.

“I have been coming since 1976 and it is now so good to see a new generation discovering it,” one reviewer said. 

One thing that hasn’t changed is the excellent family service and atmosphere, and when visiting Sydney, a meal at the Diethnes is like coming home.

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Over the decades, John and Helen have noticed the variety of different customers visiting his restaurant to enjoy their traditional Greek food.

“We used to have only Greek clients but now we have people coming from all walks of life,” he said. 

There's no cultural boundaries when you're eating food. Just enjoying each other's company.

John said that Diethnes Greek Restaurant will continue to open their doors and provide traditional family service all year round.

diethnes greek restaurant

For anyone who would love to visit, John recommends his favourite dishes of traditional moussaka and roast lamb. For their full menu and descriptions, click HERE

Diethnes Greek Restaurant: 336 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000

Check out their website HERE and Facebook HERE

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