The King! A magnificent and fitting celebration by Dylan Alcott for his US Open wheelchair victory delivering a historic ‘Golden Slam’ & his 15th Grand Slam Singles title.

Dylan becomes the first man to achieve this feat, which cements his legacy as an all time great athlete.
Before this US Open, Steffi Graf was the only tennis player to complete a calendar year ‘Golden Slam’ (winning all four Grand Slams and the Olympics/Paralympics in the same calendar year) yet Diede De Groot and Dylan Alcott both won Golden Slams at this US Open.

“I can’t believe I just won the Golden Slam,” Alcott said of his straight sets victory over the Netherlands’ Niels Vink.

“I used to hate myself so much, I hated my disability, I didn’t even want to be here any more. I found tennis and it changed and saved my life.”

“Thanks for making a young, fat disabled kid with a really bad haircut, thanks for making his dreams come true because I can’t believe that I just did it.”

“Now I’ve become the only male ever in any form of tennis to win the Golden Slam which is pretty cool.”

He thanked the US Open organisers for “putting us on stadium courts, changing my life, changing Niels’ life, and giving disabled people a platform.”

And then he celebrated the milestone in traditional Aussie style, sculling a can of beer, and then tipping the trophy on top of his head to the roar of the Flushing Meadow crowd.

In his trademark humble & supportive style, Alcott was full of praise for his young opponent:

“You’re a really good tennis player, but you’re an even better person,” Alcott told Vink after the match.
“We have a good friendship, thanks for making me the person I am and pushing me to be able to do this this year. Without you I wouldn’t push myself so hard.”

Dylan saved his final words for his family, friends and fans in Australia:

“To everybody at home, I love you. Hopefully this puts a smile on your face. Better times are around the horizon.”

Image source: US Open Tennis Championships


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