Eishan Ensemble: Where East meets West

Eishan Ensemble

Eishan Ensemble: Where East meets West

Eishan Ensemble will be bringing a taste of Persian Chamber Jazz and Middle Eastern Jazz Fusion to the Blue Mountains on November 8, led by acclaimed Iranian-Australian tar player and composer, Hamed Sadeghi.

Formed in 2016 with five members: Hamed Sadeghi (tar and composing), Pedram Layegh (classic guitar), Michael Avgenicos (saxophone), Elsen Price (double bass) and Adem Yilmaz (percussion), the ensemble has performed internationally in Singapore, Iran, Malaysia and more.

After their success with a debut album last year, in 2019 Eishan Ensemble brings strong material to their audience, blurring the lines that defy music genres to create something that is unique and true to their characteristics.

Cultural Pulse got a chance to chat to ensemble leader, Hamed Sadeghi. Check out our Q&A below!

Hamed, have you always been making music? What inspired you to become a musician?
Yes, I have. I’ve been listening to Persian traditional music on the radio when I was 15. I found the inspiration to start taking tar lesson and I could never stop playing this instrument.

Why did you form Eishan Ensemble?
I’ve always wanted to form a band where every instrument maintains its character completely but use their similarities to create a common ground. I’ve been collaborating with different musicians around the world in different project and have been writing music for many years and rearrange them for many times. When I moved to Australia, I thought this is a good time to start my project and spent a couple of years to find the right fit for the band. Then Eishan came out.

Eishan Ensemble

How would you describe Persian Jazz? Why do you perform this style of music?
Persian traditional music has a lot of similarities with Jazz. In term of improvisations and melodic phrases that can be developed within Jazz patterns. I used a lot of Persian classical modes along with western contemporary music and jazz elements to make connections between cultures, cross borders and make music enjoyable for all backgrounds.

I prefer this style of music because I’ve been living in different countries and I believe that I belong to everywhere and nowhere.

This music is my language to communicate with people, regardless of their background.

What is special about Persian music?
Simplicity and complexity. Persian traditional music is simply sophisticated and intellectual. Just like Rumi, it has messages for people around the world that will never get old. People in Iran and some other parts of Middle East have been listening and playing this music for at least two thousand years.

It’s been passed over to the next generations by heart and love so maybe that’s why the shape of the Tar looks like two hearts attached to each other

What are you most excited by from your new music?
Connection with my musician friends in Eishan and discovering new possibilities every day. The tar also excites me in an unusual way sometimes.

Why do you think it’s important to share your music to audiences across Australia?
As a multicultural country it is important for Australians to be exposed to more live music and new forms of world/jazz.

What can audiences expect to see from your tour?
The audience would be listening to original compositions, virtuosic improvisations and very rich melodic music.

After the tour – what’s next for your ensemble?
We are in the process of recording a new album which is going to be released early next year and another national and international tour in 2020.

Eishan Ensemble – Persian Chamber Jazz

WHEN: November 8, 2019
WHERE: Blue Mountains Theatre, Springwood NSW
COST: $32-$36

WHEN: November 17, 2019
WHERE: Lebwoskis, 16-22 Cross St, Brunswick VIC 3057
COST: $15-20

WHEN: November 24, 2019
WHERE: The Street Theatre, 15 Childers St, Canberra ACT 2601
COST: $30-37

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