German Film Festival 2018 to feature 26 films

German Film Festival 2018 to feature 26 films

Following a one-year break, the German Film Festival is making a reemergence at cinemas across the country, showcasing the best cinematic talent Germany has to offer and boasting a program curated with exclusively Australian premieres.

The 15-year-old festival will feature 26 films ranging from a variety of genres including documentary, animation, comedy and experimental fiction.  

Six short films will also feature part of the program, as part of the thirteenth Short Export 2018 display.  

To cater for a younger audience and to encourage them to learn more about German culture and language, six family-friendly films will also be on show as a dedication to families, children and teens.

German Film Festival coordinator Bettina Kinski said the festival allows for German-Australians to keep up with their country’s film industry, as well as providing others to learn more about the European nation.

“Australia, with its rich diversity of cultural, ethnic, linguistic and religious backgrounds, is open to foreign language movies such as German,” Ms Kinski said.  

“There is also a bigger German community in Australia that has an interest in hearing stories out of their country of origin.”

Ms Kinski also said festivals such as the German Film Festival creates opportunities in Australia to showcase more cultural identities.  

“Films are always reflecting the society they were produced in, and they can beautifully display the history of a certain period like no other media.

“It is a great chance to connect with your roots again, or to see and learn about far away realities.”

The German Film Festival kicks off at Palace Cinemas in Sydney on May 22, featuring The Silent Revolution, an inspiring true story set in post-war East Germany.

Anisha Mistry

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