Australian Celtic Festival

The Australian Celtic Festival is held on the first weekend in May each year based on several factors. Firstly, this time of year sees the Glen Innes Highlands spectacularly swathed in autumn colours. Secondly, in consideration of the definitive four seasons of the region, May is usually devoid of wet weather as experienced over the past 30 years. In fact in the 26 year history of the Festival, only three occasions can be recalled as significant enough to disrupt the four days of the Festival. Finally, our location being only 2 – 4 hours from South East Queensland along with the Labour May Day holiday allowed for an opportunity to attract a larger proportion of the target source market giving reason to visit and to extend their time in the district.

The Australian Celtic Festival has grown from a few hundred attendees in the first year to attracting over 8000 attendees from across all regions of Australia as well as international visitors during 2018 when the Festival celebrated its 26th anniversary.

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