Inside Italian Design

Italian design is internationally renowned for its style, innovation and commercial appeal. It crosses a wide variety of product types including automotive, fashion, furniture and lighting. Inside Italian Design: Beyond the Glossy Cover Image will try to answer the questions: What does it take to make great design? Who are the protagonists? What is the difference between Design and Italian Design?

To answer all these questions the Istituto Italiano di Cultura in Sydney is hosting a symposium featuring prominent Italian architect and computational designer Arturo Tedeschi, author of the ultimate reference book on algorithmic modelling, AAD-Algorithms-Aided DesignOther participants in the symposium will be Berto Pandolfo, industrial designer and Director of Product Design at the UTS, Paolo Stracchi, architectural engineer and Lecturer in Architectural Technology at the University of Sydney, and Nico Pietroni, Senior Lecturer at the UTS School of Software.

The program of the symposium will include the following talks:

  • Arturo Tedeschi: Hyper-meritocracy in architecture and design
  • Berto Pandolfo: Italian product design companies: From humble workshops to international brands
  • Paolo Stracchi: Open-process: The Italian way of making structural design
  • Nico Pietroni: Engineering and imagination: Advanced computational design to manufacturing

The event is organized within the frame of the Italian Design Day, an event launched in 2017 by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and which takes place at the beginning of March of every year in 100 cities all over the world. Each one of such cities receives each year the visit of a so-called ‘ambassador’ of Italian design in the world.

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