Filos4Heroes share blessings from country to country

Filos4Heroes share blessings from country to country

Featured image obtained from Filipino Student Council NSW Facebook

The continuing strive to support Filipino frontline health workers in the midst of a pandemic is at the forefront of the FilOz Association of Student Councils (ASCEND) campaign: Filos4Heroes, recently introduced on April 29, 2020.

With their rich vitality to reach out to vulnerable student groups in Australia, ASCEND have always been determined and inspired to lend a helping hand to those experiencing financial hardship, especially now, where times are unprecedented and in doubt.

Chairperson of ASCEND, David Reyes, implements the goal to raise enough funds to buy medical equipment (PPEs) for nurses and medical offers in public hospitals strewn throughout Manila, where workers have been inundated and ill-prepared for a crisis such as COVID-19.

It is an enduring topic of discourse that healthcare is largely taken for granted, significantly in the Philippines, where the livelihoods of their people are so highly regarded and Filipino culture remaining devoted in taking care of their families.

ASCEND’s discussion with Philippine Ambassador to Australia emphasises an inclusive objective to give all individuals a voice about problems in their communities, David says, while also exposing opportunities for partnerships with other organisations in Australia.

Registered Aged Care nurse, Ella Martirez, says:

I am very, very amazed and proud of them doing that… we’d love to support them in whatever way we can.

Ella is part of the Phillipine Nurses Association of Australia, a team that is committed to supporting not only newcomers from the Philippines, but particularly students who want a higher education and are actively seeking to create a fulfilled life path in Australia.

Through an inherent passion to help the less fortunate, Ella believes sharing blessings has been instilled in Filipino culture, and that drive is sure to take ASCEND beyond Australia, helping them create the Filipino student summit that they’ve always dreamt of.

The initiatives of Filos4Heroes promotes an enlightening message to higher decision-making bodies, that a multicultural student population is ever-growing and encourages the best possible representation of these communities, posing the question: who will speak on their behalf?

David says:

Students being far from home, and even though they do have problems in their own shores, they're thinking above themselves and and more about the situation back home.

To learn more about FilOz ASCEND, go to their Facebook page HERE


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