Kunga, a four-time Mt Everest summit climber & Nepalese Sherpa, visits Australia

Mt Everest Sherpa Australia

Kunga, a four-time Mt Everest summit climber & Nepalese Sherpa, visits Australia

A Sherpa requires extraordinary energy and power on the mountain. Not only are they highly skilled, brave and experienced, they are also the backbone of a climb.

On his recent visit to Sydney, Nepalese Sherpa Kunga spoke to CulturalPulse about his experiences of climbing some of the worlds’ tallest mountains.

Born in Nepal in 1982, Kunga first began his journey of climbing mountains in 2008.

When asked about his favourite mountain he had climbed so far, Kunga said, “Mount Everest for sure, followed by Mount Newsela…which is also near Nepal.”

As a fourth time climber of Mount Everest, Kunga said climbing has its challenges, however he continues to return to the mountains every summer season.

“There are two routes, one is from Nepal called south normal route and from there the Khumbu Icefall… that is usually happens during the night,” Kunga recalled.

It makes me feel really happy, sometimes I feel very fragile, sometimes you feel scared but once you’re on the top of the mountain it is amazing and beautiful.

“The whole journey takes about one month and spending the whole night makes you feel sad because you start to miss your friends and family, but other than that it still feels good.”

The Sherpa are a Nepalese ethnic group of people who are known for their climbing skills and endurance at high altitudes.

Their job often entails guiding foreign climbers and keeping them safe on their journeys to the summit.

For Kunga, this involves assisting them by carrying their oxygen, equipment, and food.

With it being off season in Nepal, Kunga is currently on a holiday in Australia with his father. Since arriving, he has climbed Mount Kosciuszko and has also travelled to Melbourne, Sydney and the Blue Mountains.

Kunga plans to climb Mount Everest again in March when he returns and would also love to make a quick stop to Queensland later in the year.

He plans to visit other places around the world, and has set his eyes on Europe because “I love to ski and there are a lot of areas to ski.”

He first learned how to ski in 2016 for a Nepalese skiing foundation. A year later, he became passionate about skiing and had perfected the sport where he achieved the title as a two-time national champion. Other than skiing and mountain climbing, Kunga enjoys playing sports such as mountain biking, canoeing, and sport climbing.

“The most enjoyable part about being a Sherpa is that we are the representation of Nepal.”

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