Francesca Hung leaves her mark on the Miss Universe Australia competition

Miss Universe Australia - Francesca Hung

Francesca Hung leaves her mark on the Miss Universe Australia competition

When Francesca Hung was young, she didn’t think the modelling industry would ever want someone like her.

However, in early 2018, Francesca became the first Chinese-Australian to be crowned Miss Universe Australia, changing the face of pageants across the country and giving hope to millions from diverse backgrounds.

“I get messages now from mothers and young children sharing their stories of being from other backgrounds and saying they look up to me because they feel now they don’t have to conform to stereotypical roles or characters which are often portrayed in the media,” Francesca explained.

We’ve obviously already had people of other backgrounds such as Monika Radulovic who’s Serbian, but Asian has never really been in the forefront of the mix.

With a growing multicultural population in countries such as Australia and the USA, Francesca hopes to continue to see more people of diverse backgrounds taking on the modelling industry.

We’ve already made the move towards different sizes and now, it’s a slow trickle of different races, but it’s only going to get more and more popular.

“The industry is definitely embracing the differences now,” she said.

Francesca’s career really kicked off after being turned away from multiple modelling agencies, when she decided to take the matter into her own hands and organise her own photoshoots and collaborations for social media.

“I think with social media, it has enabled people like myself or anyone with multicultural backgrounds to see there is a huge world out there, not just Anglo-Saxon, or one type of person,” she explained.

I was knocked back countless times and I just kept picking myself up and trying again, and I think when people get bogged down, they think people just don’t like their looks.

“But there is a market for you, so if you want it, just don’t stop trying.”

For now, Francesca is preparing for the international Miss Universe finals, which will be taking place in Thailand in December 2018, hoping simply to continue making her family proud.

Francesca’s father was one of eight children, and this large family culture plays a significant role in shaping who Francesca is today.

“I’ve got a really strong importance on family, respect and humility, and because dad was from a big family, I do have that drive to really push and want to make my family really proud,” she said.

I keep thinking about my grandparents and imagining how proud they would be if they were here to see me now.

“They came to Australia with nothing and now their granddaughter has been crowned Miss Universe Australia, so it’s really something special.”

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Anisha Mistry

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