Dreams become reality for Miss India Australia 2017, Aarzu Singh

Aarzu Singh Miss India Australia

Dreams become reality for Miss India Australia 2017, Aarzu Singh

Preparing to pass her crown on to the next winner of the Miss India Australia pageant, Miss India Australia 2017 Aarzu Singh cannot wait to see what’s next in her career.

Ever since she was a child, Aarzu has always been surrounded by creativity, taking part in dance classes and being encouraged by her artist mother. However, in moving to Australia from India at the age of six, a lot of these creative outlets were lost in her and her family’s transition to a new country.

“It was always about finding a secure career, for example being a doctor or getting some kind of degree, which obviously still stands, but now I’m finally exploring my other passions,” the 21-year-old explained.

Modelling and acting have always been in the back of my head, but the pageant really just opened the doors for me and I decided to just do it.

Aarzu Singh Miss India Australia

After much deliberation, Aarzu decided to apply for the Miss India Australia pageant, not quite expecting the result.

People always used to tell me I should be a model but I didn’t really put too much thought into it at the time.

“I was actually thinking of doing the Femina Miss India Pageant where you have to spend three months in India for training, but I just didn’t have the time to drop everything and go,” she said.

Since taking the leap of faith, Aarzu has not looked back and continues to work towards pursuing her passion, providing some sound advice to the next round of contestants.

“I think the biggest thing you can do is to just be yourself and put your best foot forward, so don’t worry about anyone else, just be you, be confident, and make sure you put 100 per cent effort in,” she said.

There is now a huge difference in my confidence compared to back then and now, and I’m so much more focused.

“I’m also now more in touch with my Indian culture and I am balancing that with the Western aspects and culture in my life, so it worked out really well for me.”


While also studying pharmacy at university and working full-time, Aarzu has also been busy getting back into dance and taking acting classes, with the hopes of pursuing a life in the media in the future.

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