Hockey building the bridge between Melbourne and India for Winco Singh

Hockey building the bridge between Melbourne and India for Winco Singh

Winco Singh is living out his dream of coaching hockey to players all around the world.

Winco began playing for the national level hockey team in India but after injuring his knee, his love for hockey transformed into a new career path: coaching.

Born in Punjab, India, Winco has played hockey since he was a young child and fell in love with the sport instantly.

“My father used to play and my friends always used to play in the village,” he recalled.

I would say it's in my blood, it’s my passion.

Despite cricket being India’s number one, hockey still remains one of the popular played sports in the country.

According to India Press, hockey has brought India six consecutive gold medals in the Olympics from the years 1928 – 1956 and more recently, the Men’s National Team made it to the quarterfinals in the 2018 Men’s Hockey World Cup in Bhubaneswar.

“The World Cup is underway in India so you can see the atmosphere, everyone is crazy about hockey these days,” Winco said.

He moved to Melbourne in 2011, where he found there were more opportunities to explore his passion for coaching hockey.

In 2018, he became the National Team Liaison for the Indian Men and Women’s Hockey team at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games in April 2018 and where he worked alongside the head coach, Sjoerd Marijne and assistant coach, Bharat Chetri.

He also was the VSA (Victoria Sikh Association) Hockey Head Coach in 2018, where he trained players in Melbourne.

According to Hockey Victoria, Melbourne has been home to major international tournaments such as the 2009 Men’s Champion Trophy, and Australia Men’s Hockey Team has also won six consecutive gold medals in the Commonwealth Games since 1998 – 2018.  

While hockey may not be as popular in Australia, Winco said that he is so grateful for the years he spent coaching in both homes.

If you’re not into it, you’ll never know where it’s going, but if you’re into hockey in Melbourne, it’s actually a really big thing,” he said.

I would say that I'm really lucky to be getting the best from both worlds.

Recently, Winco helped release a sports anthem to encourage sports participation in India with his brother, Arvinder, known by his stage name, Rebel Gem.

The song aims to inspire people to achieve their ambitions and play sports like hockey. Check it out below.

Although having previously stepped down from coaching, Winco said that he would be back to work towards his goal of becoming the National Hockey Coach.

“There’s nothing that can stop me,” he said. 

Check out Winco Singh’s Twitter HERE and Rebel Gem’s Youtube HERE.

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