Instagram connecting Bollywood dancers around the world

Instagram connecting Bollywood dancers around the world

BollyAus Network has been growing substantially since its launch in March 2017, using Instagram to connect Australian-Indian dancers through their mutual love and passion of the colour of Bollywood dance.

Founder of BollyAus Saylee Gaonkar was born in Sydney to Indian parents and has always maintained a connection to her heritage through dance, both modern and Folk styles.

Seeing the huge impact of other international networks such as Bollyshake, which currently has 746,000 followers on Instagram, Saylee decided to share the talent of first-generation Australian-Indians and create a space for these groups to connect with each other.

It has been humbling connecting with artists all over Australia who we would otherwise not know unless we were from the same state,

“It was only a matter of time before the growing desi community demanded dance events and pages tailored for the youth of Australia at the level present currently in the US, UK and NZ,” Saylee said.

Bollywood dance has taken inspiration from cultures around the world to form a fun, colourful and dynamic style loved by all, growing in popularity across all ages, nations and people.

With influence from traditional Indian dance and Western styles, Bollywood dance has played a key role for many in the Indian diaspora to connect to both sides of their identity.

“In this generation, Bollywood dance, or more correctly ‘filmy fusion dance’, allows individuals to fuse both sides of their heritage into something unique, which is what we are as first generation Australians,” Saylee explained. 

“Essentially, with the Desi community in Australia being relatively new when compared to that in the US or UK, for many Indo-Australians like myself, we believe that Desi dance, whether traditional or new-age, is a medium that helps us connect with our mixed backgrounds.

“It’s an exciting time to be in this community which I feel is growing bigger everyday not just in numbers, but in strength and spirit.”

Follow BollyAus Network and check out some of Australia’s Bollywood dancers on Instagram HERE.

Anisha Mistry

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