Kuro Sydney: A creative, innovative take on traditional Japanese cuisine

Kuro Sydney Japanese

Kuro Sydney: A creative, innovative take on traditional Japanese cuisine

Blending style, sophistication and modernity, Kuro is a new Japanese restaurant in the heart of the Sydney CBD. Alongside its original lunch and dinners, expert mixologists serve cocktails at the bar. Those in favour of something more intimate can book a spot at Kuro’s Kitchen – a pop-up fine dining experience.

Head Chef Taka Teramoto brings to the table a wealth of international culinary experience, having worked in Japan, Canada, Australia, and France. His passion for creativity in the kitchen is reflected in Kuro’s menus, which combine Japanese cooking methods with Australian influences.

“A lot of Japanese restaurants in Sydney are all traditional, menus full of sushi, Sashimi, tempura, ramen. But we want to introduce other styles and other dishes through Kuro with our creativity,” Taka shared.


Kuro restaurant Sydney

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Boasting innovative options like the ‘Wagyu Cheese Burger’ and ‘Seafood Chirashi Don’, Kuro’s diners are sure to have a unique experience. But Taka’s favourite dish on offer is the ‘Kuro Fried Chicken’ – a twist on traditional karaage chicken.

“It is coated in black charcoal crust and served with a pickled plum purée and bonito flakes. Kuro in Japanese means black so there will be a few dishes that are black,” Taka explained.

As for his favourite ingredient to cook with, Taka loves gyokuro tea – sourced from Kyoto – which he serves as a welcome drink at Kuro’s Kitchen.

“I’m thinking of extracting the tea and making it into sauce and oils as it has so much umami flavour.”

The elegance and sophistication which is so characteristic of Kuro doesn’t stop with their menu. It’s also evident in their architecture. Kuro has embraced the age-old Japanese tradition of ‘kintsugi’ – mending broken ceramics with gold – by filling cracks in the floor with gold paint.


Kuro restaurant Sydney

Taka’s love for food and cooking began in his childhood. He recalls making pasta when he was twelve years old and receiving compliments from his family.

“Since then, I have loved to cook for my family and friends as it brought everyone together and made everyone happy. That is what we want everyone to feel with our food at Kuro and Kuro’s Kitchen.”

Over the years, Taka’s world travels have supplied him with an infinite supply of inspiration to experiment with a multitude of different styles and ingredients.

You can find Kuro at 368 Kent St, Sydney NSW 2000. To check out their menus or to book a reservation, visit their website HERE.

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