Lebanon, Syria and Egypt unite to widen Arab television production

Lebanese Series

Lebanon, Syria and Egypt unite to widen Arab television production

During the last decade, there has been a united front in the creative industry between the Lebanese, Syrian and Egyptian communities to create greater television content.

Believe it or not, majority of Lebanese shows today feature at least one Syrian or Egyptian lead alongside a Lebanese actor.

This is due to the large migration of Syrian actors to Lebanon and Egypt which happened as a result of the Syrian conflict.

Keep reading to find out which five Lebanese series from the last decade are our favourites!

Lebanese SeriesHelwe w Kezzabi (2012)

Helwe w Kezzabi (translates to Beautiful Liar) is a comic series about a young girl from a working class family who loves to lie.

Things get complicated when she meets her celebrity crush, singer Ramzi and they fall in love. However, everything is not what it seems and Dalida realises she might not be the only liar in the relationship.

This series was a massive achievement and was succeeded by a movie version titled Helwe Ktir w Kezzabi.



Lebanese SeriesJouzour (2012)

Jouzour (otherwise known as Roots) is a drama series which surrounds a complicated and wealthy family in Lebanon.

On his death bed, Businessman Fouad reveals to his children that they have a sister living in France who was the result of a hidden affair.

This triggers a series of events involving Carla visiting Lebanon and meeting her family for the first time.

Lebanese SeriesAlakat Khasa (2015)

Alakat Khasa (translates to Special Relationships) follows the lives of five couples and their complicated relationships.

Everything is not what it seems in this drama series filled with heartbreak, despair and aching love.

What makes this show special is the diversity of the actor’s backgrounds including an equal amount of Lebanese, Syrian and Egyptian leads.


Lebanese SeriesMa Fiyyeh (2019)

Ma Fiyyeh (otherwise known as I can’t) is a drama series which features two polar opposite leads.

Lebanese actress Valerie Abou Chacra plays female lead Yasema, who is from a wealthy family in Lebanon.

Syrian actor Motasem Al Nahar takes the role of Fares, a half Syrian, half-Lebanese man who has moved to Lebanon to open up a restaurant in his father’s village.

However, as they fall in love, they begin to discover important information behind the rivalry between their families.


Lebanese SeriesAl Hayba Al Hassad (2019)

Al Hayba Al Hassad is the third instalment of the successful drama series, which was first released in 2017.

It surrounds the life of Jabal, who is head of an arms-smuggling clan in Lebanon, and his new love interest played by legendary Lebanese actress Cyrine Abd Al-Nour.

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