Malaysia’s biggest star Siti Nurhaliza set to wow audiences at OzAsia Festival

Malaysia’s biggest star Siti Nurhaliza set to wow audiences at OzAsia Festival

OzAsia Festival artist Siti Nurhaliza is known as South East Asia’s biggest pop star. Hailed as ‘the number one singer in Malaysia’, Siti has released an array of music throughout her 23 years in the industry.

Since winning a local singing competition when she was just 16 years old, the dazzling chanteuse has risen to become widely known as The Voice of Asia.

With over six million record sales and six million followers on Instagram, Siti Nurhaliza has a repertoire of songs performed in Malay, Mandarin, English, Arabic and Japanese.

Siti will treat Australian audiences to a night of beautiful music as part of OzAsia Festival 2019. Learn more below!

You’ve been in the music industry since you were a teenager, how has the music scene changed since then?
Of course there’s a lot of progress and new development in our music industries. Just imagine those earlier days we were working with analog equipment and now it’s all in digital. New composers young and vibrant came into the music scene with new arrangements and sounds. It has been a really great experience for me throughout my career as a singer.

How does your cultural background influence your work?
My cultural background really gives me a lot of ideas and influences my singing technique. My passion for music comes from this and it runs in my family up until now.

Siti Nurhaliza OzAsia FestivalPhoto credit: Siti Nuharliza Productions, provided by OzAsia Festival

Were there any artists in Malaysia that you looked up to you when you were growing up?
Yes, there are! Most of them are legendary singers and well known. To name a few: Sudirman Haji Arshad, P. Ramlee, Saloma, Sharifah Aini and Rafeah Buang.

How did your parents feel when you first began your music career?
It runs in my family – my grandfather is a musician, my grandmother is a singer, my mother is also a singer and all of my siblings are singers except my older brother. Back when I was 10 years old we formed a band call Family Groups which toured wedding functions and dinner events. My parents have always been really supportive of my music career.

What makes Malaysian pop different to pop music from other Asian nations?
First of all it’s the melody itself – whether you call it pop, ballad, R&B or whatever, in our culture we are always soft and sweet in our melodies and lyrics. It flows with everything – the soul, the feel, the passion, and it’s totally different to Western or even other Asian styles of pop music.

Siti Nurhaliza OzAsia FestivalPhoto credit: Siti Nuharliza Productions, provided by OzAsia Festival

Why do you think Malaysian pop isn’t as well-known as music from Korea or Japan, for example? Where do you see Malaysian pop expanding to in the coming years?
It’s because we do not want to imitate the pop music well known from Korea and Japan, or even the US and Europe. We are a totally a different music scene. Even among the singers and musicians in Malaysia, we always debate about the same topic – why can’t we do the same as other well-known pop music countries like Korea or Japan or Europe?

Well, the answer is: Why should we follow others? We should portray a different genre and colour to the other music scenes and brand ourselves as Malaysian Pop. That will make us more exciting to the international music industry.

What can the audience expect from your performance at the OzAsia Festival?
If you haven’t heard to Malaysian Pop music before, this is the time and probably you will understand what I mean about the Malaysian music scene. The performance is an opportunity to explore more about my music. To my fans, they know that at all of my concerts there’s always a new gimmick in the musical arrangement. It will include my latest movie soundtrack which is now going to all cinemas in Malaysia.

I’m hoping to get full support from the local fans or new fans in Adelaide to come to my first-ever Australian concert. Thank you, OzAsia Festival, for giving me this opportunity. Wish me luck, and with all the best wishes for my concerts!

Siti Nurhaliza
WHEN: Friday October 18, 2019 7:30pm
WHERE: Festival Theatre
COST: From $75
More information available on OzAsia Festival website HERE

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