Maltese values of food and community come alive at Pastizzi Cafe Newtown

Pastizzi Cafe Newtown

Maltese values of food and community come alive at Pastizzi Cafe Newtown

Producing high-quality Maltese-Italian cuisine is paramount at popular Newtown eatery ‘Pastizzi Cafe’ run by husband and wife duo, Lenny and Debbie.

Previously located on South King Street at a smaller premises, the restaurant-café has recently moved into a more stylish and spacious setting, continuing to deliver community-favourites inspired by Lenny’s Sicilian and Maltese heritage.

“Newtown is one of those really diverse places where you can get any cuisine,” says Debbie, when asked why the couple decided to open their restaurant in Newtown.

“We wanted to bring something different to the community and give others the opportunity to try Maltese food for themselves.”

‘Pastizzi Cafe’ stands out for its fresh, hand-made pastizzi, a traditional Maltese junk food, made of flaky golden pastry and usually filled with ricotta or mushy peas, that can be found all over the small, but proud, Mediterranean country.

Pastizzi have always been an essential item on the Sydney Maltese shopping list, but ‘Pastizzi Cafe’ diversifies this staple with several unique fillings.

Debbie says that these fillings were inspired by community and staff recommendations, and that the restaurant wanted to listen and cater to many different tastes.

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Starting in 2007 with a smaller selection of pastizzi and ravioli, Debbie says that the vision and goal of the restaurant has changed overtime. She says that it was the community that asked for more which led to the decision to hire a full-time chef and introduce a sit-down menu offering more Maltese-Italian cuisine.

‘Pastizzi Cafe’s’ reputation with the community has garnered huge local support that has continued to be strong during the restaurant’s recent relocation to 109 King Street and the impact of Covid-19.

“What was really amazing was that all our customers came forward [when restrictions were first put into place], saying we don’t want to lose you, how can we help you?” Debbie says.

‘Pastizzi Cafe’ emphasises the value of food and community that is so important and special to Maltese and Italian culture. With friendly staff, good quality food and value for money, there is not much more you can ask for from this much-loved restaurant.

Head to the ‘Pastizzi Cafe’ website to find out more: 

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