Mea Culpa: A powerful blend of French folk dance, sci-fi and theatre

Mea Culpa - Cloé Fournier

Mea Culpa: A powerful blend of French folk dance, sci-fi and theatre

French-Australian multidisciplinary artist Cloé Fournier is bringing her new dance theatre work Mea Culpa to Parramatta’s Riverside Theatres from October 18-19, 2019.

Supported by FORM Dance Projects, the work combines dance, spoken word and intriguing movement, and is set in a futuristic society that questions empowerment and explores the standardisation of beauty.

When asked what Mea Culpa means, Cloé said the Latin phrase literally translates to ‘through my fault’.

“It’s something people sing about at church when they have sinned,” she explained.

It’s about responsibility and it’s about being apologetic for being female, and I’m trying to go against that.

Mea Culpa - Cloé FournierHaving been born and brought up in Bretagne, France, Cloé was also inspired by the folk dances of the region.

This inspiration was brought on by her desire to create works that stood out aesthetically from the rest, to create a signature style of movement, as well as her longing for home in France.

“I started to watch videos and get to know folkloric dancers that I had learnt while growing up,” she said.

You don’t really learn folkloric dances, it’s something that you just get pulled into by your friends and family, and you do it together with everyone in the community during festivals.

“The show is inspired by folk dances in terms of the patterns, the rhythms, and the historical stories of how traditional dances came about, but it’s also about having the women on stage work as a community, just like how folk dances function.”

Mea Culpa - Cloé Fournier

When Cloé first arrived in Australia in 2007, she fell in love with her new country, and one-year quickly became 12.

Although she misses the French culture, Cloé said Australia has a certain richness in the arts industry that she would not be able to find back home.

“I feel France has a few problems when it comes to multiculturalism; it’s sometimes a little bit difficult in France to live together,” she said.

I know here it is difficult as well, but somehow it’s a lot more peaceful and I really enjoy that everyone has come together.

“I’ve got friends here from all over the world and I love it.”

The cast is also made up of seven other performers of various cultural backgrounds, including Daniela Zambrano, Isabella Coluccio, Natalie Pelarek, Isabella Cranna, Nicola Ford and Anna McCulla.

Mea Culpa
WHEN: October 18-19, 2019 7:45pm
WHERE: Riverside Theatres Parramatta
COST: $28 – $35
To book tickets, click HERE

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