Melbourne band Amaru Tribe treats audiences with irresistible sound

Melbourne band Amaru Tribe treats audiences with irresistible sound

Combining the sounds of Australasia and the beats of Latin America, Melbourne-based band Amaru Tribe have people dancing around the world to a new, infectious genre of music they call ‘Oceanic Cumbia’.

Made up of six members from Australia, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile and Argentina, Amaru Tribe takes the flavours of each of these backgrounds and transforms it into their own unique sound.

“We’re taking influence from our roots and from our ancestors, but we’re also inspired by our music around us like hip-hop, Australian rock, and electronic music, and other movements that inspire us while living here in Australia,” vocalist and guitarist Oscar Jimenez said.

We combine the sounds of instruments such as the slide didgeridoo, with Indian drumming and Latin drumming, and that’s what gives it the flavour of this unique genre.

“Some of our songs will have more of a Colombian sound, others will have a more Chilean or Andean theme, but we try to keep the sound and message consistent.”

The band is also inspired by Andean mythology, even naming themselves after the Amaru, a mythical serpent connecting the spiritual world with the subterranean world, which also closely compares to stories from indigenous Australian.

Having already performed at a number of festivals, including Bluesfest, WOMADeldaide, Strawberry Fields, the Lost Lands and the Brunswick Music Festival, Amaru Tribe has already seen much success across the nation.

The band also had the opportunity to perform and tour internationally, visiting countries including Colombia and America earlier in 2019.

“On our first international tour, we were one of the first Latin Australian bands to play at the SXSW conference in America, and we felt there was a lot of interest in what is happening in the Latin and World music scene in Australia,” Oscar explained.

“For me, our biggest achievement was to be able to reach an international market and to know there is interest in Latin Australian music overseas, I think that will open doors, not just for us, but for many other Australian-Latin American artists.”

Continuing to treat the world with their music, Amaru Tribe will soon embark on another international tour, this time heading to a country in Asia – stay tuned for the full details.

Amaru Tribe will also be releasing two new songs – give their Facebook a like HERE to stay up-to-date.

Plus, follow their Instagram HERE or check out their website HERE.

Anisha Mistry

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