Pageant of the World the next step for Miss Philippines Australia 2017

Pageant of the World the next step for Miss Philippines Australia 2017

Since being crowned Miss Philippines Australia 2017, Kymberlee Street has never felt closer to her cultural heritage. Born and raised in Sydney, Kymberlee applied to compete in the pageant not only to give back to the community through charity work, but also to embrace and learn more about her Filipino background.

“By joining the pageant, I was able to dig deeper into my roots and learn more about my heritage which was really good, especially when we went to the Philippines on our mission trip and we really saw what it’s like over there,” Kymberlee said.

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“Just to be able to go there and see where my mum grew up was truly an amazing experience.”

Miss Philippines Australia 2017

Having not visited the Philippines since she was two-years-old, Kymberlee has now traveled back twice in the last year.

“I would love to go back and explore more of the thousands of islands, and just really learn more about my culture,” she explained.

I would also really love to learn how to speak the language, because at the moment, I understand Tagalog, but to be able to speak it and be involved in conversation would be the best.

The pageant final was split up into four sections, and Kymberlee was awarded Best in Filipiniana after learning and performing a traditional dance for the Filipiniana round. The year’s theme was Igorot, the collective name of several ethnic peoples inhabiting the Philippine mountains of Luzon.

Miss Philippines Australia 2017

This was Kymberlee’s first pageant, and she was trained and mentored by House of Queens’ Alexis Tan. Now, she has her sights set on Pageant of the World, where Kymberlee will be proudly representing the Philippines.

“It’s really a great opportunity to be able to represent the Philippines and be able to show the world our culture, and get to learn more about the culture myself,” she said.

Growing up in Australia, I would say I am more typically an Australian in some ways, but by going into the pageant, I was really able to get myself more involved within the Filipino community.

“It was really nice when the other finalists and I went back to the Philippines earlier this year to visit orphanages because we got to spend the day with the children and give them the money we had raised, which was so rewarding and fulfilling.”

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Kymberlee also said she wouldn’t have been able to win the title of Miss Philippines Australia 2017 without the strong support of her family and friends.

“Me winning is not just me winning, it’s my whole family, and I am so grateful to have them as such a big support in my life,” she said.

Miss Philippines Australia 2017

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