Our top five favourite underground Vietnamese rappers in 2019

Vietnamese Rappers

Our top five favourite underground Vietnamese rappers in 2019

Unlike mainstream music, the underground music scene in Vietnam combines various musical genres to attracts a wide audience around the world. It usually consists of music that is not legally commercialised, and will deliver the message or thoughts of the writer and performer in a unique way.

In Vietnam, the underground music scene has developed rapidly in recent years and has attracted huge support from young people. Fans are familiar with popular names in underground music including Rhymastic, Đen Vâu, Vũ, Ngọt and more. Their songs often feature emotional intimacy and sincerity, capturing a lot of love from listeners.

Check out our top five favourite underground rappers from Vietnam below!


Rhymastic is a professional rapper of the SpaceSpeakers Group.

He is a famous name among the young Vietnamese generation, not only because of his rap talents, but also because of his ability to mix many types of music to create catchy tunes with an upbeat tempo.

With a passion for music, Rhymastic spent much of his youth learning and composing. In 2011, he officially stepped into the music industry as a rapper and producer of SpaceSpeakers.

He has collaborated with other singers like Cường Seven in Khi bên em and Bích Phương with Sâu trong em, however he made his mark in the industry with hit song Yêu 5.

With a warm voice and unique rap style, the productions of Rhymastic have helped him attract huge support from the young community.


Binz was born in 1988 in Vietnam, but grew up in America where he started to explore rap music. As a result, he became an expert in rap with over 10 years of experience and was one of the creators of the style of Vietnamese rap we hear today.

Over the years, he has performed several compositions featuring other rappers, songs such as They Said, Krazy, and Crying Over You. These songs were big hits in the Vietnamese rap community and brought the Binz name to the forefront of the underground rap scene.

Not only does he release quality musical productions, Binz is also known as an artist who hopes Vietnamese rap can be known at the same level as jazz or pop in the music industry, as well as transform the norms of rap from negative words and thoughts into a more positive style.

B Ray

B Ray was born in 1993 in Saigon City but grew up in America. Before he called himself B-Ray, he was previously known as B Rizzle, Bao Thanh Thien and Bao.

B Ray learnt about rap through the internet when he was 14-years old. He joined rap group Vietwizh in 2010 where he rapped in English, however as a result, his songs did not reach many Vietnamese listeners. At the end of 2012, he began rapping in Vietnamese and joined Vietnamese rapper group called GVR.

B Ray is a famous rapper in the underground rap world with songs as bold as his personality, as well as in different genres. Although B Ray is named as a “golden boy” in the underground scene, he still has many critics who often leave negative comments on his social media accounts.

People sometimes compare him with famous Italian football player Mario Balotelli as talented, but crazy.

Den Vau

Not many music listeners know that Den Vau used to work as a beach cleaner for seven years before he became the successful singer today. He has a library of videos on Youtube that have been viewed by millions, and countless music awards.

Before beginning his music career, Den Vau was just a music lover who liked to sing, and he would often sing for his friends during road trips. After gaining a following on social media, he was invited to a music event in Hue City. As it turns out, that trip was a turning point in Den Vau’s career, pushing him to follow his passion for music.

In 2015, his song Đưa Nhau Đi trốn received the award for most popular rap/hip-hop song at the Zing Music Awards. In 2017, he won the award for Most Impressive Singer of the Year at the VTV awards.

Songs that are liked by young generation: Đưa nhau đi trốn, Bài này chill phết, Đố em biết anh đang nghĩ gì, and more.


Justatee was born in 1991 in Hanoi city and is a celebrated name in the Vietnamese underground rap scene. He has produced a number songs that are loved by young people such as Người nào đó, Forever Alone and Bâng Khuâng.

While growing up, no one in Justatee’s family was an artist or working in any field related to art so they forbid him to follow a path in music as they believed it would not bring him any success or glory. However, he did everything he could to follow his dreams, even though his family and friends did not support him.

Justatee’s hard work has paid off, and his name is now well known amongst music fans young and old. He won the Zing Music Awards Song of the Year in 2014 with Forever Alone, and in 2018, he achieved the Best Breakout Artist award by the Year End Party, where celebrities from Vietnam and Korea gather.

Justatee is known for his ability of mixing tunes and using different kinds of music to make listeners hit repeat on his tunes. Our favourite Justatee songs are Đố em biết anh đang nghĩ gì, Thăng Điên, Crying Over You and Forever Alone.

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