Grommen makes his mark in the Philippine Football League

Grommen Football Philippines

Grommen makes his mark in the Philippine Football League

From playing football at the local club in Brisbane, to being part of the Philippines Football League, Josh Grommen is kicking goals every day.

Currently playing as a defender in the Davao Aguilas Football Club, the 22-year-old Australian-Filipino has been drawn to the sport since the age of five, when his dad took him to his first game at a local club.

For me football is a really emotional sport because it brings the best and the worst out of people.

“I love how you’ve got to work so hard the whole season, put in all the effort on and off the pitch, just for the chance of winning the league or the cup, and in sport there is no better feeling,” Josh explained.

Grommen Football Philippines

With the Philippine Azkals having qualified for the Asian Cup for the first time in history, the sport has been rising in popularity across the South-East Asian nation, and Josh expects it will present more pathways to success for young players such as himself.

“My biggest achievement so far would have to be the first time I was called up for the Philippine men’s national team for an Asian Cup qualifying game against Yemen,” Josh said on the opportunities he has received.

Philippine football is only getting better both within and outside the country, and it’s a lot to look forward to as a player.

Australia-based academy the Azkalroos was created for young players wanting to play football professionally in the Philippines, and Josh was one of many to progress onto further stages of his career as a result.

“The Azkalroos were my stepping stone to the Philippines, as I didn’t know anything about the league or the national team system, so I owe my career in the Philippines so far to them,” he said.

“I believe it’s a great system for young Australian-Filipinos to go through if they want the same opportunities.”

Grommen Football Philippines

Despite the initial culture shock, Josh is loving the experience thus far.

“I’m still getting used to the Filipino culture itself as it is very different to back home in Australia,” he said.

“Everything in the Philippines is really relaxed and a bit slow, and the people are very kind and respectful towards any person they meet, which I find different to other countries I have visited.”

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