New alumni officers inducted in NSW

New alumni officers inducted in NSW

Six new officers of the University of the Philippines Alumni Association (UPAA), NSW chapter, took their oath of office in March, leading the organisation on its 38th anniversary.

The brief ceremony was officiated by founding president Dr. Victor Pulmano who said that the membership expects them to do their work with dignity, integrity, dedication and commitment. The group will complete a two-year term after winning the election at the end of 2017.

Following the induction, the UPAA annual general meeting took place, highlighting significant moments from 2017, including the scholarship grant, annual National Tree Day tree planting, and the ratification of the constitutional amendments.

UPAA is currently one of the pioneer Filipino organisations in NSW, aiming to assist the University of the Philippines in the fulfillment of its mission as an academic institution and assist the development and welfare of alumni in Australia and the Philippines. The organisation also works to foster socio-cultural development and interaction between the association and the Australian community.

Anisha Mistry

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