Red, white and blue are the colours for first week of July

Red, white and blue are the colours for first week of July

Brisbane will be the last stop for the American and Canadian Ice Hockey teams on their 2018 tour of the Southern Hemisphere, who will be facing off against each other in what will be an epic final Ice Hockey Classic match this Saturday.

The ongoing rivalry between the North American nations has been brought to the river city with the support of the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) in Queensland and their Canadian mates, for one of the most exciting dates for Ice Hockey fans down under.

The event will feature everything typical to the North American sporting culture, including loud music to hype up the audiences, jumbotron screens, a kissing camera and cheerleaders.

AmCham QLD General Manager Mrs Alicia Doherty said the event will also provide local teams with the opportunity to meet some of their biggest names in the sport, as well as feature the cheer squad from local University of Queensland.

“It’s a great way to get people around the world excited about ice hockey because it’s played mostly in the US and in Canada,” she said.

“Canada’s notoriously the better team, but you can only hope the USA will do well.”

With the match so close to America’s Fourth of July celebrations, AmCham QLD is also working in collaboration with the Brisbane City Council and other organisations to light the city in red, white and blue.

In celebration, a competition has been organised, with the winner gaining tickets to the Canada v USA Ice Hockey match and networking event, as well as get an opportunity to get on the ice after the game for a meet and greet.

“The fourth of July was actually the first time Australia and the US fought side by side, and it was actually a battle that was commandeered by an Australian, General Monash,” Mrs Doherty said.

“Ever since then, Americans and Australians have joined together because our values are just so similar and it has built a very strong relationship between the two nations.”

This year’s Fourth of July celebrations marks a century since this historic battle, otherwise known as 100 Years of Mateship between the two nations.

The match will be taking place on Saturday July 7, 2018 at Brisbane Entertainment Centre from 5pm, while the Story Bridge, Victoria bridge, QPAC, Customs House, Treasury Casino, Reddacliffe Place, City Hall and King George Square will be lit in red, white and blue on Wednesday, July 4.

Anisha Mistry

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