Romance, drama and betrayal, here are our top four Telenovelas from the past decade!

Romance, drama and betrayal, here are our top four Telenovelas from the past decade!

Before appearing on television in the 1950s, telenovelas began as 30-minute long radio segments, many of which had been adapted from graphic novels.

Each telenovela follows a similar story line, almost fairy tale-like in narrative. They often feature a poor female protagonist who meets and falls in love with a wealthy male lead.

Due to international broadcasting, telenovelas rose as global sensations and since then, have been adapted numerous times for countries including Russia, Germany, China and Turkey.

These series are highly successful, not nearly as long as a typical soap opera and airs daily which hooks viewers to find out the next crazy plot-twist.

Keep reading to find out our top picks!

Mexican TelenovelasCuidado Con El Angel (2008 – 2009)

Cuidado Con El Angel (‘Don’t Mess with an Angel’) stars Maite Perroni as Marichuy and William Levy as Juan Miguel. Marichuy is a young girl who is raised in an orphanage all her life but then one fateful night decides to run away. After experiencing the harsh realities of being homeless, Marichuy is picked up by a kind, old lady by the name of Candelaria who is a laundress for wealthy people. This then triggers a series of events which allows Marichuy to meet Juan Miguel, a wealthy and respected psychiatrist.





Mexican TelenovelasTeresa (2010 – 2011)

The protagonist is a young woman called Teresa who is played by Angelique Boyer. She is overcome with greed and has a crazy obsession to become wealthy. Although she was born into a loving family, Teresa blames the death of her sick sister on their lack of money and becomes resentful. After meeting the protagonist, a powerful lawyer called Arturo played by Sebastian Rulli, Teresa decides to deceive him by making him fall in love with her.







Mexican TelenovelasTriunfo Del Amor (2010 – 2011)

Triunfo Del Amor otherwise known as ‘Triumph of Love’ is the second series which stars both Maite Perroni and William Levy. Victoria, the step-mother of the protagonist Max, owns a fashion empire which female lead Maria Desamparada dreams of working in, in order to become a successful model. This allows the leads to meet and eventually fall in love. Victoria is unhappy with the situation as she is unnerved by Maria (who reminds her of her past), therefore transpiring a series of events in order to separate them.





Mexican TelenovelasTierra De Reyes (2014 – 2015)

Tierra De Reyes which translates to ‘Land of Honour’ stars Aaron Diaz and Ana Lorena Sanchez. It features three grieving brothers who hope to gain justice for their sister and instead end up falling in love with their enemies’ daughters. However, as with every soap opera, happy endings don’t come easy and these couples have to battle for their love. This series is available on Netflix.

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